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1965 Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Southport, England

Captains: Byron Nelson (US), Harry Weetman (GB)
USA 19 ½ - GB 12 ½


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The first two days of foursomes and fourballs proved exciting for spectators at Royal Birkdale Golf Club. The Americans held a slim 9-7 advantage heading into the singles, but dominated with 10 of the final 16 points. The difference was the U.S. Team's ability to convert necessary points through deft short games and handling Royal Birkdale's final six holes. The Americans mastered the "punch" shot low into an ever-present wind while the British team preferred to lob short approaches into the air. Royal Birkdale member and Professional Golfers Association vice president Brian Park promoted the matches through his personal donation of 11,000 (pounds). The result was an expanded venue for spectators that included a hospitality pavilion, a large tented village, trade exhibition and expanded souvenir programs, and scorekeepers carrying individual match results on standards. The U.S. Team arrived handicapped when Johnny Pott ruptured a muscle in his lower back during practice and was sidelined. And, 1964 U.S. Open Champion Ken Venturi had surgery early in 1965 for circulatory problems in his hands. Yet, the Americans were dominant in the singles when it mattered most.

Flag IconGreat Britain Flag IconUnited States
Foursomes: Morning
L Platts & P J Butler0J Boros & A Lema (1 hole)1
D C Thomas & G Will (6 & 5)1A Palmer & D Marr0
B J Hunt & N C Coles0W Casper & G Littler (2 & 1)1
P Alliss & C O'Connor (5 & 4)1K Venturi & D January0
Foursomes: Afternoon
D C Thomas & G Will0A Palmer & D Marr (6 & 5)1
P Alliss & C O'Connor (2 & 1)1W Casper & G Littler0
J Martin & J Hitchcock0J Boros & A Lema (5 & 4)1
B J Hunt & N C Coles (3 & 2)1K Venturi & D January0
Fourballs: Morning
D C Thomas & G Will0D January & T Jacobs (1 hole)1
L Platts & P Butler (halved)½W Casper & G Littler (halved)½
P Alliss & C O'Connor0A Palmer & D Marr (6 & 4)1
B J Hunt & N C Coles (1 hole)1J Boros & A Lema0
Fourballs: Afternoon
P Alliss & C O'Connor (2 holes)1A Palmer & D Marr0
DC Thomas & G Will0D January & T Jacobs (1 hole)1
L Platts & P J Butler (halved)½W Casper & G Littler (halved)½
B J Hunt & N C Coles0K Venturi & A Lema (1 hole)1
Singles: Morning
J Hitchcock0A Palmer (3 & 2)1
L Platts0J Boros (4 & 2)1
P J Butler0A Lema (1 hole)1
N C Coles0D Marr (2 holes)1
B J Hunt (2 holes)1G Littler0
D C Thomas0T Jacobs (2 & 1)1
P Alliss (1 hole)1W Casper0
G Will (halved)½D January (halved)½
Singles: Afternoon
C O'Connor0A Lema (6 & 4)1
J Hitchcock0J Boros (2 & 1)1
P J Butler0A Palmer (2 holes)1
P Alliss (3 & 1)1K Venturi0
N C Coles (3 & 2)1W Casper0
G Will0G Littler (2 & 1)1
B J Hunt0D Marr (1 hole)1
L Platts (1 hole)1T Jacobs0
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