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1967 Champions Golf Club, Houston, Texas

Captains: Ben Hogan (US), Dai Rees (GB)
USA 23 ½ - GB 8 ½


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How dominant was the 1967 U.S. Ryder Cup Team? All that needed to be said was uttered by American Captain Ben Hogan at a team dinner on the eve of the Matches. Hogan waited patiently while Great Britain Captain Dai Rees, making his final appearance in the Matches, gave a long introduction of his team's roster before taking his seat. Hogan then stood and asked that applause be withheld until the end. After introducing each player by name only and with his entire team standing, said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the United States Ryder Cup Team - the finest golfers in the world." Then he sat down to a storm of applause. The U.S. Team, which posted its largest victory margin in Ryder Cup history, didn't include Jack Nicklaus, winner of seven major championships but someone who was yet to complete his five-year period as a PGA member. Among the dominant performances were Gardner Dickinson and Arnold Palmer each going unbeaten in five matches.

Flag IconGreat Britain Flag IconUnited States
Foursomes: Morning
B G C Huggett & G Will (halved)½W Casper & J Boros (halved)½
P Alliss & C O'Connor0A Palmer & G Dickinson (2 & 1)1
A Jacklin & D C Thomas (4 & 3)1D Sanders & G Brewer0
B J Hunt & N C Coles0R Nichols & J Pott (6 & 5)1
Foursomes: Afternoon
B G C Huggett & G Will0W Casper & J Boros (1 hole)1
M Gregson & H Boyle0G Dickinson & A Palmer (5 & 4)1
A Jacklin & D C Thomas (3 & 2)1G Littler & A Geiberger0
P Alliss & C O'Connor0R Nichols & J Pott (2 & 1)1
Fourballs: Morning
P Alliss & C O'Connor0W Casper & G Brewer (3 & 2)1
B J Hunt & N C Coles0R Nichols & J Pott (1 hole)1
A Jacklin & D C Thomas0G Littler & A Geiberger (1 hole)1
B G C Huggett & G Will0G Dickinson & D Sanders (3 & 2)1
Fourballs: Afternoon
B J Hunt & N C Coles0W Casper & G Brewer (5 & 3)1
P Alliss & M Gregson0G Dickinson & D Sanders (3 & 2)1
G Will & H Boyle0A Palmer & J Boros (1 hole)1
A Jacklin & D C Thomas (halved)½G Littler & A Geiberger (halved)½
Singles: Morning
H Boyle0G Brewer (4 & 3)1
P Alliss0W Casper (2 & 1)1
A Jacklin0A Palmer (3 & 2)1
B G C Huggett (1 hole)1J Boros0
N C Coles (2 & 1)1D Sanders0
M Gregson0A Geiberger (4 & 2)1
D C Thomas(halved)½G Littler (halved)½
B J Hunt (halved)½R Nichols (halved)½
Singles: Afternoon
B G C Huggett0A Palmer (5 & 3)1
P Alliss (2 & 1)1G Brewer0
A Jacklin0G Dickinson (3 & 2)1
C O'Connor0R Nichols (3 & 2)1
G Will0J Pott (3 & 1)1
M Gregson0A Geiberger (2 & 1)1
B J Hunt(halved)½J Boros (halved)½
N C Coles (2 & 1)1D Sanders0
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