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1975 Laurel Valley Golf Club, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Captains: Arnold Palmer (US), Bernard Hunt (GB & Ireland)
USA 21 - GB & I 11


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Jack Nicklaus came into Laurel Valley Golf Club playing what he called "the best golf of my life." Nicklaus had won his fifth Masters in April, his fourth PGA Championship in August and the World Open at Pinehurst, N.C. He led an impressive U.S. Ryder Cup Team that rolled to a 21-11 conquest. The margin would have been larger had England's Brian Barnes not pulled the upset most historians point to as the biggest in Ryder Cup history. Barnes swept Nicklaus not once, but twice in the singles matches. "You've beaten me once, but there's ain't no way you're going to beat me again," Nicklaus said to Barnes on the first tee before the afternoon singles. Nicklaus began with a pair or birdies for an early lead before Barnes again rallied and won, 2 and 1.

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Foursomes: Morning
B W Barnes & B J Gallacher0J W Nicklaus & T Weiskopf (5 & 4)1
N Wood & M Bembridge0G Littler & H Irwin (4 & 3)1
A Jacklin & P Oosterhuis0A Geiberger & J Miller (3 & 1)1
T Horton & J O'Leary0L Trevino & J C Snead (2 & 1)1
Fourballs: Afternoon
P Oosterhuis & A Jacklin (2 & 1)1W J Casper & R Floyd0
E Darcy & C O'Connor Jr0T Weiskopf & L Graham (3 & 2)1
B W Barnes & B J Gallacher (halved)½J W Nicklaus & R Murphy(halved)½
T Horton & J O'Leary0L Trevino & H Irwin (2 & 1)1
Fourballs: Morning
P Oosterhuis & A Jacklin (halved)½W J Casper & J Miller (halved)½
T Horton & N Wood0J W Nicklaus & J C Snead (4 & 2)1
B W Barnes & B J Gallacher0G Littler & L Graham (5 & 3)1
E Darcy & G L Hunt (halved)½A Geiberger & R Floyd (halved)½
Foursomes: Afternoon
A Jacklin & B W Barnes (3 & 2)1L Trevino & R Murphy0
C O'Connor Jr & J O'Leary0T Weiskopf & J Miller (5 & 3)1
P Oosterhuis & M Bembridge0H Irwin & W J Casper (3 & 2)1
E Darcy & G L Hunt0A Geiberger & L Graham (3 & 2)1
Singles: Morning
A Jacklin0R Murphy (2 & 1)1
P Oosterhuis (2 holes)1J Miller0
B J Gallacher (halved)½L Trevino (halved)½
T Horton (halved)½H Irwin (halved)½
B G C Huggett0G Littler (4 & 2)1
E Darcy0W J Casper (3 & 2)1
G L Hunt0T Weiskopf (5 & 3)1
B W Barnes (4 & 2)1J W Nicklaus0
Singles: Afternoon
A Jacklin0R Floyd (1 hole)1
P Oosterhuis (3 & 2)1C Snead0
B J Gallacher (halved)½A Geiberger (halved)½
T Horton (2 & 1)1L Graham0
J O'Leary0H Irwin (2 & 1)1
M Bembridge0R Murphy (2 & 1)1
N Wood (2 & 1)1L Trevino0
B W Barnes (2 & 1)1J W Nicklaus0
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