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1979 The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Captains: Billy Casper (US), John Jacobs (Europe)
USA 17 - EUROPE 11


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With continental Europeans allowed to compete in the Matches, the final format change brought the total number of points to be decided to 28, with eight foursomes, eight fourballs, and 12 singles. The new European Team was bolstered by the play of Nick Faldo, who finished 4-1, but it was America's Larry Nelson who turned in a brilliant 5-0 performance. Nelson defeated Spain's Seve Ballesteros in four of those meetings. Ballesteros was joined by fellow countryman Antonio Garrido as the first continental European Ryder Cup selections. It was the first Matches where each team would use the "envelope," a process where each Captain inserted the name of a player in a sealed envelope in the event either team was reduced to 11 players due to injury or health reasons. The result was a half point for each team.

Flag IconUnited States Flag IconEurope
Fourballs: Morning
A Garrido & S Ballesteros0L Wadkins & L Nelson (2 & 1)1
K Brown & M James0L Trevino & F Zoeller (3 & 2)1
P Oosterhuis & N Faldo0A Bean & L Elder (2 & 1)1
B Gallacher & B Barnes (2 & 1)1H Irwin & J Mahaffey0
Foursomes: Afternoon
K Brown & D Smyth0H Irwin & T Kite (7 & 6)1
S Ballesteros & A Garrido (3 & 2)1F Zoeller & H Green0
A Lyle & A Jacklin (halved)½L Trevino & G Morgan (halved)½
B Gallacher & B Barnes0L Wadkins & L Nelson (4 & 3)1
Foursomes: Morning
A Jacklin & A Lyle (5 & 4)1L Elder & J Mahaffey0
N Faldo & P Oosterhuis (6 & 5)1A Bean & T Kite0
B Gallacher & B Barnes (2 & 1)1F Zoeller & M Hayes0
S Ballesteros & A Garrido0L Wadkins & L Nelson (3 & 2)1
Fourballs: Afternoon
S Ballesteros & A Garrido0L Wadkins & L Nelson (5 & 4)1
A Jacklin & A Lyle0H Irwin & T Kite (1 hole)1
B Gallacher & B Barnes (3 & 2)1L Trevino & F Zoeller0
N Faldo & P Oosterhuis (1 hole)1L Elder & M Hayes0
Singles: Morning
B Gallacher (3 & 2)1L Wadkins0
S Ballesteros0L Nelson (3 & 2)1
A Jacklin0T Kite (1 hole)1
A Garrido0M Hayes (1 hole)1
M King0A Bean (4 & 3)1
B Barnes0J Mahaffey (1 hole)1
Singles: Afternoon
N Faldo (3 & 2)1L Elder0
D Smyth0H Irwin (5 & 3)1
P Oosterhuis0H Green (2 holes)1
K Brown (1 hole)1F Zoeller0
A Lyle0L Trevino (2 & 1)1
M James (injured, halved)½G Morgan (halved, match not played)½
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