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New Administration Confirmed for The Ryder Cup

This reorganisation has been achieved by the transfer by each of The European Tour and The PGA of their 50% shareholdings in Ryder Cup Ltd to a new joint venture - Ryder Cup Europe LLP.

August 21, 2004

The European Ryder Cup Board announces today that the proposed reorganisation of The Ryder Cup to include the introduction of The PGA's of Europe has been finalised, with The European Tour becoming the Managing Partner and The Professional Golfers' Association the Founding Partner.

This reorganisation has been achieved by the transfer by each of The European Tour and The PGA of their 50% shareholdings in Ryder Cup Ltd to a new joint venture - Ryder Cup Europe LLP - through which The European Tour, The PGA and The PGA's of Europe will represent the interest of Europe in The Ryder Cup Matches.

The agreed new structure for Ryder Cup Europe LLP is that The European Tour, as Managing Partner, own 60% with The PGA, as Founding Partner and The PGA's of Europe each owning 20%.

The management and control of Ryder Cup Europe LLP has been apportioned between The Ryder Cup Policy Board, which will have prime responsibility for all matters concerning The European Team, The Matches and player issues, and an Administrative Board which will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the business of Ryder Cup Europe LLP. The Ryder Cup Policy Board will comprise six members from The European Tour and two each from The PGA and The PGA's of Europe, and the Administrative Board will comprise three members from The European Tour and one each from The PGA and The PGA's of Europe.

The initial Administrative Board Members are Ken Schofield, Richard Hills and Jonathan Orr (The European Tour), Sandy Jones (The Professional Golfers' Association) and Mikael Sorling (The PGA's of Europe) with John Yapp of The PGA acting as the Partnership Secretary.

Ken Schofield, the Executive Director of The European Tour, said: "The importance of this reorganisation is to put in place a new structure which in the long term will achieve all our objectives.

"Central to this being possible was the foresight and support of The Professional Golfers' Association with Chairman Phil Weaver at the helm. This would be the right time, too, for me to acknowledge and emphasise that such an elegant way forward was achieved because Sandy Jones, as Executive Director of The PGA, shared our vision for the future. I have been fortunate to enjoy many healthy and robust friendships during my 30 years in tenure, and Sandy's arrival at PGA Headquarters was instrumental in our two organisations working in unison for the good of the game.

"We have a responsibility to our respective Memberships, and we have a responsibility in broadening the interest in our sport by continuing to grow the game at grass roots level. The Ryder Cup is the most vibrant vehicle by which to drive that policy and by virtue of the superb endeavours of the players over several decades, the stature and universal popularity of the Matches has been seriously galvanised.

"The support provided by Sandy and his Board was fundamental in steering that vehicle forward and to creating a partnership with The PGA's of Europe of which we are all excited. We respect that as The European Tour we have been entrusted to progress The Ryder Cup in a way which is good for golf, and that together with our partners we can encourage many, many more thousands, and indeed we hope millions, to play golf and support our sport."

Sandy Jones, the Executive Director of The Professional Golfers' Association, said: "The reorganisation meets with the absolute and full agreement of The PGA and additionally underlines our desire to progress the game by further embracing the Continent of Europe and the Continental players.

"The PGA was made the custodians of The Ryder Cup by Sam Ryder and this is recognised by our position as the Founding Partner, and in acknowledging our heritage we also endorse that the new structure will provide the impetus for us all to fulfil our goals. This is a momentous day from a personal point of view for Ken and myself, for The PGA, The PGA's of Europe and The European Tour but, more importantly, for our sport."

Mikael Sorling, Director of The PGA's of Europe, said: "We are very proud to become this day a partner in The Ryder Cup with The European Tour and The Professional Golfers' Association. The growth and development of The PGA's of Europe since its birth in 1989 has seen the organisation become a respected link with other golfing bodies throughout Europe in addition to, the rest of the world, and the association with The Ryder Cup will further heighten interest in golf, especially on the Continent."

The European Tour is a members organisation providing playing opportunities for Members all of whom are professional golfers. The Tour was officially born on October 1, 1971, when prize money totalled $250,000. In 1975 Ken Schofield was appointed Executive Director, a position he still holds today, with prize money that year of $427,917 and a commitment to operate a policy of opportunity and incentive by increasing both the number of tournaments and the size of the prize funds which in 2003 totalled $111,682,986 ($77,866,391). Ken Schofield will retire at the end of this year when he will be succeeded by George O'Grady.

The PGA was operated as the governing body for professional golfers in Great Britain and Ireland since 1901, its objectives being to have significant and responsible influence within the game of golf in its core territories and across the world. The PGA seeks to act as custodians for the traditions of the game whilst identifying and fulfilling the golfing and business interests/needs of its members and promoting golf for the benefit and participation of all.

The PGA's of Europe is an Association of individual European country PGA's whose objective is to act as a support role to individual PGA's on a business-to-business basis. The PGA's of Europe now represents 25 member countries in Continental Europe and, with The PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, have in excess of 12,000 professional members. The PGA's of Europe strives to raise standards and opportunities collectively across Europe in the education and employment of golf professionals, as well representing member countries with governments and other legislative and influential bodies in the promotion of the game and the interests of professional golfers in general.

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