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An Interview with McGinley & Donald

September 17, 2004

Q. Comment on the day?

PAUL McGINLEY: It was a tight match and I think the big deal in the match was at the sixth hole when I had a putt from across the hill from about 12 feet and they both had eight footers, Luke had missed and I holed it and they missed both of theirs. I said to Luke that that was huge because if it had been the other way round that would have been the first red on the board but we ended up going one up. But it was a tight game all the way round and there was never more than a hole in it. I am very proud of what Luke did on the 18th. Tom Watson did that at Birkdale, hit a two iron and said it was the greatest shot he had ever hit and you won't get much more pressure than the last hole of a Ryder Cup and if anyone knows that it is me I suppose and Luke did great. It was a tough two iron and he hit it great. I'm proud of him, he is a great partner.

Q. How important was it that they were not up in any match?

It was vital and that is why I said to Luke that our match was so important, we're the cog in the wheel I said to him and the fact we didn't lose, psychologically that was huge. The performance of Monty again in the Ryder Cup and Padraig as well this time was unbelievable. The shiver that he sends down the team, we all feel it, and it is absolutely incredible. He is a huge part of the team and as I have said before, if this was a soccer team, he would be the captain and Langer would be the manager. He's a very important part of the team and he never lets us down.

Q. First tee?

PAUL McGINLEY: It wasn't that intense because I think that a lot of the atmosphere had gone with the first match. But it was still a daunting experience especially for Luke and he hit it a bit right but that was okay and I said to him, I'll be coming right behind you so don't worry if you don't hit the fairway, I did that and we were off and running.

Q. Talk us through the last hole.

LUKE DONALD: Hit a decent drive, wind was off the right and I just tried to hold the ball into it. The drive didn't go too far and I had 214 yards to the hole straight uphill into the wind so it was just a nice two iron in the end, hit a great shot and had a chance for birdie, didn't hit a great putt but at least I have myself a chance.

Q. Enjoyed the Ryder Cup experience?

LUKE DONALD: It was fun out there, a lot of cheers for Europe and the crowd was a little quiet which is always a good sign when you are playing in America. We got off to a great start and seeing all that blue on the board was great for the team. It was fun out there.

Q. First tee?

LUKE DONALD: I was okay until I actually stepped up and it was my turn to hit it, then I felt a little shaky. Didn't hit the best tee shot but I just settled down after that.

Q. Talk about playing with Sergio?

We will have some fun out there but it will be hard. Stewart has been playing well recently and Kenny Perry had a great year last year, hasn't done so well this year but he is still a tough competitor so we will see what happens. I'm going to hit the first shot.

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