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Thoughts on the Friday morning match.
September 17, 2004

Q. Some thoughts, Tiger on the match this morning?

TIGER WOODS: Well we played well. We just didn't make enough birdies. I mean, Geez, they made 8 birdies in 14 holes and birdied six out of the first eight holes. That is awfully impressive.

But we were right there. We were only one down. I thought we could, if we could get it to even somehow that might turn the momentum. We never got it to even.

Q. Can you talk about the first tee, the excitement, the crowd, what you guys felt out there?

TIGER WOODS: There certainly was excitement. I was just somehow trying to put the ball in play with the right to left wind there. It was howling off the left and that's all I was really worried about. As you can see none of us hit the fairway, so it was a tough tee shot.

Q. Talk about your match this afternoon?

TIGER WOODS: We're excited about it, to go back out there and playing with two of my buddies over there. And hopefully Phil and I can go out there and really play solid just like we did this morning and hopefully get a win.

Q. Some thoughts on the round out there today.

CHAD CAMPBELL: We really didn't play that well today. We didn't -- we kind of left each other hanging a few times and didn't get, didn't give each other, get two looks on one hole. We missed a few putts early and Darren was able to capitalize and made a few putts early and they got the lead early and we didn't make a birdie until like the 12th hole or something like that. We both would have birdied that hole, so. So without being able to win a hole, that's not too good.

Q. You're a rookie on the team, can you talk a little bit about what it was like stepping on the first tee this morning. Just share some of your thoughts there?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was a lot different than anything you have ever done before. So, yeah, it was pretty nervous getting started. But once you got in the round, you know, it was kind of, we kind of got involved in that and just trying to hit good golf shots. Kind of relaxed a little bit.

Q. Davis, Hal said the pairing of you and Chad was stronger than new rope. Did that inspire confidence or perhaps some added pressure?

DAVIS LOVE, III: No, we knew we had to come out and play hard. Darren got off to a good start and we didn't. And it was disappointing that we didn't make any birdies in the first nine holes.

We just got behind. And when the weather is like this and you're behind on a tough course, it's hard to catch up. And they did what they had to do.

Q. Were you nervous out there?

CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit at the first. It's expected, first Ryder Cup. But after you play a few holes you get settled in. I tried to make some putts and the putts weren't falling.

Q. Is it like any other golf tournament or like playing any other major something totally different when you're playing the Ryder Cup?

CHAD CAMPBELL: It's a little different. A little different feeling.

It's nice to get the first match out of the way, even though we didn't come out the way we wanted, but it's good to get that out of the way.

Q. Shades of The Belfry starting out. Colin made every putt he looked at on the front side, Padraig made a long one, you guys got behind and you could never catch up.

PHIL MICKELSON: Well, the European Team had a great morning. I think they swept us, or we have one match we're still fighting on. But those things happen. They birdied six of the first eight. We needed to come back and do the same. Tiger counted with some birdies there, and we were able to keep the match close throughout. A couple of birdies on the back and they ended up winning.

It's one match. We're going to go out here this afternoon and try to make up some ground and go into tomorrow not quite as far back.

Q. Are you and Tiger going to be an item this afternoon or do you know yet?

PHIL MICKELSON: You have to ask Captain Sutton. I know, but you have to ask him.

Q. Jim, David, it's a disappointing morning. The golf course played particularly difficult; did that have an impact on you?

JIM FURYK: I think we all should expect that. We're playing a Major championship type course and a Major championship type setup. So the golf course is slow, relatively soft for the practice rounds. But I think that, my guess is it was going to get a little firmer and faster, I think the wind probably helped that out.

Q. David, is there any way to explain not having a birdie on your card today?

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, when you don't play great golf on a U.S. Open setup; that's the way it's going to be. The few chances I did have, I didn't capitalize on them.

So I think the way we played, we kept it in play, -- I think it would have been a good morning for alternate shot, but not a good one for bestball. We just never did make any birdies at all, and so that's the way it goes.

Q. Talk about day one, first four matches.

JIM FURYK: We've got to keep our head up right now. We obviously got outplayed this morning, but it's the first of five sets of matches. So we need to keep our head up and grind it out and come out playing better.

Q. The golf course today, was that it or was it just the match-play?

JIM FURYK: Well, the golf course played tough. I don't think David and I were real happy. We only made two birdies between us, so we're not real happy with that performance. But the golf course played tough. We didn't play as well as we wanted to.

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