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An Interview with Chris DiMarco - Day 2

September 18, 2004

Q. Talk about the day today.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Well, it was pretty much, what else do you have to lose now? You go out and lose 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 tomorrow it's pretty much over. So it worked today. It was either put up or shut up today.

I think you got 12 pretty good golfers on this team and you got guys who have a lot of pride.

Q. Is there anything specific that Tiger may have said last night, obviously it was a pretty difficult day for he and Phil?

CHRIS DiMARCO: No, he said, "Let's go get it done." Period. That's what we all say. It wasn't that much we needed to motivate ourselves, I think the score motivated us enough.

Q. Hal's obviously thrown a saddle on you and Jay here. How does that make you feel?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Absolutely awesome. Great. I tell you what, Jay, I rode him all day today. He's got to be hurting. He's 50 years old, that back's got to be hurting a little bit. The guy's quite a competitor. He really is. He made some really key putts out there. I was able to sneak a par in here and there for him and made birdie a couple times, but other than that he was solid.

Q. How much does it help you when you hear the roars just going all over the golf course?

CHRIS DiMARCO: It's huge. I mean it's huge. It's nice to -- you can definitely tell a USA roar to a European roar. And you expect that here and you want that here and that's what you want. You want them to hear us and to know that maybe they got to press a little bit. That's what you want. You want them to press. And we had them pressed a little bit this morning and it was nice to be where we're at.

Q. Describe a USA roar?

CHRIS DiMARCO: A USA roar is just a lot louder than a European roar, and a lot more people doing it.

Q. How much does it matter Riley and Woods are out there kind of smiling and laughing, how much does the camaraderie between two guys really make a difference?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Riles is, I'm telling you what, that guy is a bright spot on this team. He is the most happy go lucky guy you've ever met in your life. And he's just a mover and hopping around and he's smiling and he's in awe of everything like we all are. And he's just a good -- that putt he made on 18 yesterday, I'm telling you what, that was pretty inspirational putt for all of us.

Q. He looks like the lovable, goofy little brother that you --

CHRIS DiMARCO: Goofy little brother? I don't know if I would go the goofy part.

Q. You were the goofy little brother.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, that's right. He's just a, we have been laughing with him and at him all week. He's Riley, man. He's just Riley.

Q. The life of Riley?

CHRIS DiMARCO: We love Riley.

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