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Quotes: Thomas Levet & Fred Funk - Final Day

September 19, 2004

Q. If you would tell us a little bit about the match, just how it went in your mind the way you fought back it was a tremendous back side.

FRED FUNK: We both played good. He played tremendous golf today. He was 2-under on the front nine and we both bogeyed nine. I played good. It was just -- I just ran into a buzzsaw, I guess. But I was pleased from the way I played and I can take something from this. It's just disappointing.

Q. The 13th hole was tremendous, you put that shot to a foot and he came right back inside. Two big birdies.

FRED FUNK: Yeah, that was pretty sweet. That was good TV golf there.

Q. How does this compare right now?

THOMAS LEVET: It's enormous. Team played very, very good. And we knew that we could pull it off. Because coming into here everybody was on form, everybody was confident with his game. And you just have to look at the results the three or four tournaments in European, you see only Ryder Cup players.

So it's normal that, you know, we have a strong team. And it was even tough to make the matches in the mornings, you know. I got a tough task this week, and I was kind of like foursomes specialist and basically I was like only 22 shots this week over two rounds, because alternate shots you don't play too much.

It was fun to finally play your on ball. And with Fred, we had a tough match. We kind of came back from nowhere on some holes, and it was a hard fight and we just finished it up on the last.

Q. Were you getting worried earlier this afternoon when you stepped on to the first tee, because from a European point of view there was a lot of blood on the board, and it was getting a little bit dicey,

THOMAS LEVET: Bernhard told us, and Padraig and Monty and all the guys that have been here before, it doesn't matter what they are doing in front of you; it's your match, is more important. And I was hitting the ball very, very well and I started off really strongly and I kind of buried Fred on the front nine. I just had a mistake on No. 9 where I could have gone 4-up if I didn't 3-putt that one.

But basically I was way up and I kind of let the team in back in that hole, because I knew that there were like five or six matches down. But I was so confident on my match that I was ready to go for it. And I could look at the leaderboards, I do it on every tournament anyway, so it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't affect my game.

Q. The Europeans have seemed to be the team that have enjoyed this Ryder Cup the more of the two teams, and they're the team that's won. Is that a coincidence, do you think?

THOMAS LEVET: I would guess. Why we win? Because we are a team, you know. We are not individuals, we are a team. And it doesn't matter who plays, who hits it well, who plays bad. It's just a team. I didn't put a point on the board before today, and I feel like I put 20 points on it.

It was the same feeling, it was like when David Howell and Paul Casey came back; I came back, as well. So it doesn't matter who is playing. David Howell was so happy for me on the last, as well. We are friends and we're part of a team, and we know that we have to pull together to win and that's what we did.

Q. Can you talk about the shot on 13, the par-3? He had just won a couple holes, and Fred put it to about a foot or so, and you hit a shot after that.

THOMAS LEVET: Yeah, it's like what you practice every day. It doesn't matter what the other guy does. With a short iron, 8-iron, I know I'm able to hit it close to the pin and make the putt. So I knew the pin was not difficult if you play a bit long.

So I suppose it's perfect 8-iron for me and I just did like I did at Loch Lomond. It is my favorite club in the bag at the moment, because I seem to hit it very straight and I know my yardages. I got a bit unlucky it didn't go in, actually.

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