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Quotes: Kenny Perry - Final Day

September 19, 2004

Q. It appears now that the Europeans will win the Ryder Cup again, but again it comes down to the Americans getting themselves into a hole and having to come back on Sunday. Somehow that's got to change eventually?

KENNY PERRY: It may not, we may just keep losing. They beat us, I guess, if they win today, what will it be the last four years or four times, so we need to figure something out. But they're good matches. We need to figure out our team play a little bit better. I think our foursomes and four-balls, we just need to kind of jell a little bit better and get guys playing that are a little more comfortable with each other I think. And try to get a little magic. They got off to a good start there Friday morning, making a lot of putts and it was meant to be for them, they played beautifully this week.

Q. Your family came to see you play but you didn't get to play.


Q. What were your thoughts about that. Were they disappointed?

KENNY PERRY: Well, I was, you want to play, you don't want to sit the bench. But in this format, you know, it's not like the Presidents Cup, 10 guyss play there and only 8 out of the 12 here play. You could have put any of them out there and we don't know what scenario would have come up. I would have liked to have played a four-ball one day. I went out and played Friday afternoon with Stewart Cink and played the Nike ball and I struggled a little with the Nike ball. So that's kind of a hard format, that alternate shot deal.

Q. Nobody ever plays it. How did you feel about your match today? It looked like even though you hadn't been playing here today you really competed?

KENNY PERRY: I played great today. I shot under par. You take a U.S. Open quality golf course and you shoot under par in your match and you don't win.

Lee played great. He hit the ball great. We were both hitting fairways, hitting greens, and it was just a putt here or there.

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