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Quotes: Lee Westwood - Final Day

September 19, 2004

Q. Did you know that putt was to retain the Cup?

LEE WESTWOOD: No, but I had a fair idea the way everybody was biting their nails over there.

Q. What was the key for you to play so well?

LEE WESTWOOD: Two good partners. I had two great partners in Sergio and Darren. Never got down on myself and it's been a great team effort.

Q. Did you know that putt was to retain the Cup?

LEE WESTWOOD: I had no idea, actually. I knew it was fairly big, because everybody was biting their nails on the side of the green. They looked a bit panicked, especially when Kenny rolled his 15-footer in. So, it was, obvious.

Q. What a scrap you had and what a week you had.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, me and Kenny had a great game today. I didn't really give him anything, a lot of good shots went in, but two great putts on the last.

It's been a great week.

Q. Tell me how you felt over that putt at 18.

LEE WESTWOOD: A lot more uncomfortable than if Kenny had have missed his putt. Obviously after Kenny's putt, I was under a lot of pressure with that 15-footer for par.

We had a great match all day. I think it was a fitting way to end on the last under a lot of pressure.

Q. How do you sum up the team spirit on the European Team?

LEE WESTWOOD: Everybody is pleased for each other. Everybody is delighted for Bernhard. The vice captains, Joakim Haeggman and Thomas Bjorn have done a fantastic job. Bernhard has masterminded the whole thing.

Q. Did you see the four-balls yesterday as being the decisive turning point?

LEE WESTWOOD: At one stage in the morning we looked like we were 4-down, and all of the sudden we come out and we're 2 1/2 - 1 1/2; it's like winning the morning session. And with that point from the two rookies, as well, was massive.

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