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Match 1 - Saturday Fourballs

Garcia/Westwood halved with Haas/DiMarco

September 18, 2004

Hole 18 - Westwood pulls his drive into the rough and Garcia finds the bunker. An opportunity for the Americans. Haas puts it on the left side of the fairway but, like Garcia, DiMarco finds the bunker. Westwood has a decent lie on the spectator walkway but pulls his fairway wood left of the green into the rough. Garcia and DiMarco both come out of the bunker but Haas, from the middle of the fairway, comes up short of the green. DiMarco's third runs through the green. Garcia just comes up short of the putting surface in the collar of rough over the bunker. Haas' chip pulls up 15 foot short. DiMarco chips 12 feet past. Garcia blades his chip and is 60 feet away. Westwood chips and plays it up the slope, the ball running down to six feet. Garcia, aiming some 20 feet right of the hole putts over the ridge and somehow the ball drops in the hole for a miraculous bogey five. Haas still has a chance for a four but the 15 footer stays above ground and Westwood has a putt to win. Westwood's putt
slips by and for the first time in 18 matches, Westwood picks up a half point. A fantastic top match is halved.

Hole 17 - Westwood runs through the green but Garcia uses the slope to bring the ball back to five feet. Both DiMarco and Haas go slightly long and are faced with treacherous putts down the slope. DiMarco runs the ball down with a fairway wood but it runs past. Westwood has a very difficult chip, pops it up and it rolls down to a couple of feet. Haas putts down and makes a par. Garcia had a chance to make sure of at least a half point but it stayed above ground and the drama continued up the last.

Hole 16 - Westwood hits it left off the tee on the signature hole and is followed by Garcia and Haas but DiMarco hits the perfect drive down the right side. Garcia comes up short and Westwood finds the water. But DiMarco doesn't captalise and goes through the green. Haas is also well short of the green but almost holes his chip, the ball running five feet past. Garcia plays a magical putt to a couple of feet. DiMarco recovers from the bunker but the slope takes the ball five feet past but holes for a four. Garcia matches him and they head to the par three 17th all square.

Hole 15 - Haas skips through the green but Garcia punches one to the middle of the green. Westwood from the right rough from 125 yards finds the left part of the green and the ball releases to 25 feet. DiMarco plays a great bunker shot which is conceded for a four. Europe have two long birdie chances for the hole. Garcia made sure of the four and Westwood made a superb putt but just lost its speed as it got to the cup and the match remains all square.

Hole 14 - DiMarco misses the green right but once again Haas steps up to the plate and sets up another great birdie chance from six feet. Westwood matches him with another wonderful approach shot. Garcia is out of the hole after missing the green right. DiMarco almost holes his putt. Westwood makes the putt for a birdie and Haas needs to hole is to stay all square and makes no mistake. Haas makes his fifth birdie of the day.

Hole 13 - The shortest of the par threes with the pin cut right at the front and Westwood puts the marker down with a nine iron pin high to eight feet. Garcia, Haas and DiMarco all come up short. DiMarco chips up and it runs ten foot by. He leaves the putt short and it's a bogey four for DiMarco. Westwood has a tough downhill putt and it just misses on the left but it is a par three. Haas follows him in and the hole is halved.

Hole 12 - An inspired Jay Haas plays another magnificent shot, a fairway wood on the par five from a path on the right of the fairway to six feet. A superb golf shot and what a match this is proving to be. Westwood finds sand with his second and Garcia comes up short from the rough. Garcia pitches to ten feet and makes it for birdie. Haas has an eagle put from nine feet to win the hole misses and the match remains all square.

Hole 11 - Another terrific iron shot from Haas to 12 feet and the 50 year old continues to perform well. Westwood from 140 yards goes one better, pitching just short of the hole and coming to rest some four feet away. Garcia matches it, possibly slightly closer than his playing partner. The Europeans are turning things on. Haas catches the right edge of the hole but the ball stays out. Europe have two opportunities to square the match but it only takes one as Garcia rolls in the putt, pumps his fist and the top match is back to all square.

Hole 10 - Garcia misses the fairway on the right of the tenth but recovers well from a spectator path to find the back of the green. DiMarco also finds the back of the green. Haas putts up after a long first putt to secure a four. Westwood has the best opportunity for birdie from ten feet after a phenomenal second shot, threading it round a tree and up the green. Both Europeans have putts to win the hole but both miss and another hole is halved.

Hole 9 - A stunning tee shot on the long par three ninth by Westwood comes to rest four feet below the hole. Garcia follow suit, almost holing his tee shot but the ball rolls back some 18 feet below the hole. DiMarco hits a three iron through the green and has an impossible chip back down the slope. Haas holes a great putt from 20 feet down the slope for birdie. A huge putt that ensured America reached the turn with their noses in front. Westwood follows Haas in to halve the hole in birdie twos but the gap remains the same, America one up.

Hole 8 - A breathtaking shot from Garcia from the fairway bunker. Using all his magic he ran a low running hook to avoid the tree guarding the green and the ball chases up to 20 feet pin high. The hole is halved in four.

Hole 7 - DiMarco goes right with his second and 50 year old Haas pulls his shot left. Westwood hits a brilliant approach from the right side to a couple of feet. Garcia holes a 22 foot putt across the green for the win and Europe close the gap to one hole.

Hole 6 - The tee has been moved forward and the hole now measures 292 yards, making it very reachable. Haas has a go first and comes up short and right. DiMarco goes up the alley and comes up just short but only 25 feeet short. Westwood finds the left greenside bunker. Westwood tries to be a bit cute with his second and lands it in the thick rough. DiMarco two putts for a birdie three to put the pressure on Europe. Garcia plays a great recovery from a plugged lie and with Westwood unable to hole his chip from the rough, Garcia has to hole his six footer for a half but it swings left and the United States go two up in the top match.

Hole 5 - DiMarco hits a lovely second from the middle of the fairway to 12 feet but Haas betters him, firing it straight at the pin and stopping it 18 inches from the hole. Westwood putts up from 20 feet but it pulls up short and Haas taps in for birdie to move one up.

Hole 4 - Haas and DiMarco both go close on the fourth, attacking the tight pin position. Westwood's approach gets caught in the collar of rough just short but Garcia finds the middle of the green and putts to two feet, holing the par putt for a half. DiMarco has a chance to win from six feet but the ball misses on the right.

Hole 3 - Haas and DiMarco both in the bunker on the left of the par three to open the door to the Europeans. Westwood hits an aggressive shot but just trickles through the green into the fringe. Garcia right on line but just pulls up a little short, 18 feet below the hole but he holes the putt for a birdie and Europe back to all square.

Hole 2 - Westwood splits the fairway off the tee and plays a good second but just tumbles over the back of the green. Garcia comes up just short of the green and makes par. DiMarco leaves his birdie putt short and Westwood has a five footer to win the hole but it missed on the left. Haas and DiMarco remain one up.

Hole 1 - Haas, making his third appearance in the Ryder Cup, started the morning strongly clearly attempting to get the Americans back on track by making an outstanding birdie. Hit a long straight drive and great second to 12 feet from where he trickled his putt into the hole to roar of the gallery. The others all faced long difficult birdie putts. Americans go one up.

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