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Match 2 - Friday Fourballs

Jimenez/Clarke beat Love/Campbell by 5&4

September 17, 2004

Hole 14 - Clarke finds the middle of the green from the left rough after pulling his tee shot and is followed onto the green by Jimenez as Europe attempt to close out the match. Campbell and Love both find sand. Two putts from Clarke completed the victory and Europe post the first points on the board. Comfortable five and four winners.

Hole 13 - Jimenez misses the green long and left but Clarke and Campbell trade par three to halve the hole. Europe are now five up with five to play and cannot lose the second match.

Hole 12 - Europe remain five up after a Jimenez birdie on the par five equals that of Davis Love III with only six holes remaining.

Hole 11 - Clarke plays the 11th perfectly, a drive down the middle of the fairway and then an approach just ten foot past the pin as the Europeans continue to turn the screw in the second match. Jimenez is only 15 feet away and with both Americans in trouble both players have a chance to go five up. Jimenez converts, raising his putter in celebration as Europe go five up with seven to play.

Hole 10 - Clarke comes agonisingly close to going further ahead, his birdie putt from eight feet somehow staying above ground and the hole is halved in four, Europe remaining four up and the US pair are still without a birdie in the first ten holes.

Hole 9 - A par three on the ninth was good enough for Jimenez as neither Love nor Campbell were able to get up and down from the rough and the bunker. Europe firmly in control of the second match at four up at the turn.

Hole 8 - No birdies from either pairing on the long eighth hole as the match is halved in par fours by Campbell and Clarke. Europe remain three up after eight holes.

Hole 7 - Nice shot into the heart of the green from Campbell on the seventh to leave himself a 20 foot birdie putt. Campbell misses and Love has a similar putt but it too skirts past the hole. Both Europeans have birdie chances but neither drop and the hole is halved in four. Europe remain three up.

Hole 6 - Campbell, hitting to a front right pin, finishes in the bunker. Clarke's club gets tangled in the rough and finishes some distance from the hole. Jimenez follows, similarly to 30 feet or so. Jimenez lags the ball down to secure the four leaving the Americans with a chance to win the hole. Putting down the slope his ball runs past. Europe remain three up.

Hole 5 - Campbell, a very good iron player, knocks his approach to four feet. Jimenez leaves his birdie putt in the jaws of the hole to have a four in the bag but Clarke bags his 20 foot birdie up over the slope to be four under from his first five holes. Campbell misses and Europe go three up after five holes.

Hole 4 - Clarke again hits a wonderful approach, this time from the right rough to just eight feet. The Europeans are certainly firing on all cylinders in the opening holes. Clarke converts for a birdie three but Campbell from five feet misses. Europe two up.

Hole 3 - Lovely tee shot by Jimenez on line but just runs 15 feet past. Campbell hits closer to ten feet but neither putt drops and the hole is halved in par threes.

Hole 2 - Clarke plays a sensational second to the par five, well inside those of Harrington and Montgomerie earlier, to within six feet to set up a very real eagle chance. But with Love and Campbell both unable to match Jimenez's birdie from the bunker, Clarke didn't need to hole his as Europe were already one up.

Hole 1 - Miguel Angel Jimenez becomes the first player to find the fairway on the first hole after Darren Clarke found the semi rough. Both Davis Love III and Chad Campbell, a formidable pairing sprayed their drives. Campbell plays a great shot out of the right rough but it runs off the slope 50 feet away. Love III is in trees and hits over the maple to the right bunker. Jimenez, from the centre of the fairway, from 150 yards pitched on the left fringe but a good bounce took him to 20 feet. Clarke, a couple of feet short of the green, hits his first putt a couple of feet by. Jimenez's birdie putt also ran by but made his four, as did Love for an opening half.

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