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Quick Quotes: Jay Haas on Saturday's Foursomes

Jay Haas answers tough questions on a necessary "serious comeback."
September 18, 2004

Q. Talk about your play?

JAY HAAS: Played pretty poorly. Early on we had some chances and let them out. After six holes we probably should have been 2-up and we were 2-down. And that was pretty much the match. They just stayed on top of us and they are two world class players and you can't give that to them. Then we didn't pressure them. Starting at the turn I started hitting some squirrely shots and we were just never able to put any pressure on them.

We won the 9th hole to get back to 2-down and thought we might have had something going. And then I played a poor fairway bunker shot, hit the lip, and it ended up coming back and making 6. And 3-down with 8 to play, you can't give that to those guys.

Q. The U.S. may be down heading into Sunday but everybody knows it always comes down to those singles matches on Sunday and anything can happen.

JAY HAAS: Yeah, anything can happen, but we're getting way too far down, we need to make some serious comebacks here in these last three matches, in those last two matches, we need to get more than one point. It doesn't look good.

Q. Now some would say is it easier to play in front of a home crowd or is it tougher when you got a home crowd behind you because there's more pressure on you to do well?

JAY HAAS: I don't feel that. I feel that there's enough pressure anyway to do well. We're all trying our hardest. I don't think that we're worried about disappointing the fans. I mean we'll be disappointed for ourselves and we'll be disappointed if we didn't perform over there. So it's just -- you have to play well, you have to hit the shots no matter where you are.

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