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Quotes: Lee Westwood & Darren Clarke

Westwood and Clarke discuss their Saturday's afternoon on the course
September 18, 2004

Q. That was fairly convincing stuff at the end, how much difference did it make, what happened at 18 in the final match this morning, the way you went out feeling?

LEE WESTWOOD: I tell you what, that's the biggest part of the week there, it made a massive difference. I think we all owe David Howell and Paul Casey a beer.

DARREN CLARKE: Just fantastic. This morning a lot of us were struggling, thanks to Paul and David we were able to sneak in a half point. For David and Paul to come through, that was just huge for us.

LEE WESTWOOD: 1-down, two to play, to turn it around, it happened to Sergio and myself against Davis Love and Tiger at The Belfry. And morale-wise, it's a crushing blow for the people that lose the match on the team.

Q. Your iron shots were just phenomenal, what's going on?

DARREN CLARKE: Well, we know each other's game so well. We play practice rounds with each other as we said yesterday. We've got complete trust in each other. Doesn't matter where we hit it, we know the other player and what they're capable of doing.

We showed that yesterday, hanging in there and again today. We made some big, big putts at the start to really grab the momentum again and that's what got us on.

Q. How much difference does this make to you two going into singles tomorrow?

LEE WESTWOOD: It's a massive confidence boost, but we're not playing for ourselves this week. We are playing for each other this week and the rest of the team. It's more important to win the points for the team than it is for the individual.

Q. You guys have played together before in this foursomes format, not an easy format, but you've had a lot of success, how come?

LEE WESTWOOD: I think it helps if you're really good friends. If you hit a bad shot you don't feel too bad. Obviously you've got the best putter out here, he kept rolling putts in today which is key for us in golf. Hit a few fairways and then started to take control.

Q. It appeared you guys really kept the pressure on the entire match.

DARREN CLARKE: Foursomes, if you can keep hitting fairways and greens and giving yourself opportunities for birdies, you're going to make them. Pars are really good in foursomes golf and we managed to do that a few times. We made a few birdies and certainly makes us it a lot easier for us.

Q. Too early for a victory cigar?

DARREN CLARKE: A long way to go, a long way.

Q. Talk about the couple of days you've had.

LEE WESTWOOD: We've had a great couple of days. It's been some good golf and it's just fantastic.

Q. You have made some putts today.

DARREN CLARKE: I didn't make any this morning, whatsoever so it was good to come out. We played good golf today, this of afternoon. As you know, foursomes is not easy, and Lee had a lot of quality shots. I managed to roll in a couple of putts, and we got up early and managed to keep the pressure on and that's what we have to do.

Q. You seem to have a great partnership going.

LEE WESTWOOD: We see each other a lot, we play a lot of practice rounds together and travel the world together. We know each other's personalities and know what to say.

DARREN CLARKE: And what not to say.

LEE WESTWOOD: And what not to say at the right time, and that makes a big difference.

Q. Good to get some rest, winning so quickly this afternoon?

DARREN CLARKE: Gives us a little bit of extra time off. But no matter what the score is, we finish up today and it is going to be a very tough, demanding day tomorrow. The Americans' record in the singles, it goes without saying, they are very, very strong in singles. So we are still going to have a lot of work left to do tomorrow.

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