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1971 Old Warson Country Club, St Louis, Missouri

Captains: Jay Hebert (US), Eric Brown (GB)
USA 18 ½ - GB 13 ½


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The British Team featured rookies Harry Bannerman, John Garner and Peter Oosterhuis. The Americans had rookies in Charles Coody, Mason Rudolph, J.C. Snead and Dave Stockton. Meanwhile, Lee Trevino made the squad despite having just a few weeks to recover from an appendectomy and Billy Casper nursed a broken toe incurred while groping in the dark to find his hotel bathroom. Casper didn't play in the singles but Trevino bounced back to form and finished 4-1. In a rare rules violation, Bernard Gallacher's caddie was so enamored by a tee shot by Arnold Palmer that he asked Palmer which club he had hit on the par-3 seventh hole in a second-day foursomes match. Palmer replied, "a 5-iron." A match referee, not Gallacher, overheard the exchange. Both teams had tied with pars before the referee called both teams aside. Palmer and partner Gardner Dickinson were awarded the hole to go 2-up in their match. Gallacher's caddie had infringed upon Rule 9a, the giving of advice.

Flag IconGreat Britain Flag IconUnited States
Foursomes: Morning
N C Coles & C O'Connor (2 & 1)1W Casper & M Barber0
P Townsend & P Oosterhuis0A Palmer & G Dickinson (1 hole)1
B G C Huggett & A Jacklin (3 & 2)1J Nicklaus & D Stockton0
M Bembridge & P J Butler (1 hole)1C Coody & F Beard0
Foursomes: Afternoon
H Bannerman & B Gallacher (2 & 1)1W Casper & M Barber0
P Townsend & P Oosterhuis0A Palmer & G Dickinson (1 hole)1
B G C Huggett & A Jacklin (halved)½L Trevino & M Rudolph (halved)½
M Bembridge & P J Butler0J Nicklaus & J C Snead (5 & 3)1
Fourballs: Morning
C O'Connor & B Barnes0L Trevino & M Rudolph (2 & 1)1
N C Coles & J Garner0F Beard & J C Snead (2 & 1)1
P Oosterhuis & B Gallacher0A Palmer & G Dickinson (5 & 4)1
P Townsend & H Bannerman0J Nicklaus & G Littler (2 & 1)1
Fourballs: Afternoon
B Gallacher & P Oosterhuis (1 hole)1L Trevino & W Casper0
A Jacklin & B G C Huggett0G Littler & J C Snead (2 & 1)1
P Townsend & H Bannerman0A Palmer & J Nicklaus (1 hole)1
N C Coles & C O'Connor (halved)½C Coody & F Beard (halved)½
Singles: Morning
A Jacklin0L Trevino (1 hole)1
B Gallacher (halved)½D Stockton (halved)½
B Barnes (1 hole)1M Rudolph0
P Oosterhuis (4 & 3)1G Littler0
P Townsend0J Nicklaus (3 & 2)1
C O'Connor0G Dickinson (5 & 4)1
H Bannerman(halved)½A Palmer (halved)½
N C Coles (halved)½F Beard (halved)½
Singles: Afternoon
B G C Huggett0L Trevino (7 & 6)1
A Jacklin0J C Snead (1 hole)1
B Barnes (2 & 1)1M Barber0
P Townsend0D Stockton (1 hole)1
B Gallacher (2& 1)1C Coody0
N C Coles0J Nicklaus (5 & 3)1
P Oosterhuis (3 & 2)1A Palmer0
H Bannerman (2 & 1)1G Dickinson0
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