The European Team meets Muhammad Ali during an inspirational visit to Valhalla(Getty Images)

'The Greatest' meets The European Team

By Roddy Williams-

Print News

Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest sportsman of all time, made an inspirational visit to Valhalla on the eve of The Ryder Cup, a moment described by European Captain Nick Faldo as "simply incredible".

Louisville's favourite son arrived at the course to wish both teams luck ahead of golf's greatest team event, first seeing the US players on the tenth as each group teed off before making his way to the first fairway where the entire European Team had gathered to meet a man hailed as "The Greatest" amid rapturous applause from the appreciative gallery.

European Captain Nick Faldo was clearly moved by the encounter, and said : "It was one of those Ryder Cup moments you can't put into words. It's simply incredible."

Every member of The European Team and their caddies assembled around the man considered the sportsman of the century and the effect on all the team was clearly both touching and motivating.

As a boxer, Ali was simply a legend. His speed and grace, coupled with his wit and charm made him a champion in the truest sense while his epic battles with Sonny Liston, where he proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and proved he was, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, when he incredibly won the 'Rumble in the Jungle' and Leon Spinks will forever find a place among the greatest moments in sport.

Outside the ring, Ali remains a magical figure, known and loved throughout the world with a legacy as a champion, leader, humanitarian, and artist. His work both inside and outside the ring truly makes Muhammad Ali "The Greatest of All Time."

The Ryder Cup celebrated the fact that the match was taking place in Muhammad Ali's home town with both teams visiting "The Muhammad Ali Centre" earlier in the week.

And his visit to Valhalla the day before the teams from the United States and Europe face each other in what is sure to be another epic fight will live long in Ryder Cup memory.