Doug Ferguson, President of the Golf Writer's Association of America, Joe Steranka, CEO, PGA of America, Patricia Davies, golf writer and widow of Dai Davies and Lewine Mair, Chairman of the Association of Golf Writer'(Getty Images)

Dai Davies plaque presentation

By Scott Crockett- Europeantour.com

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The life and work of David 'Dai' Davies, one of Britain's foremost golf writers of the past 40 years who passed away in May, was celebrated at Valhalla when the PGA of America made a special presentation to his widow Patricia.

Joe Steranka, CEO of the PGA of America, presented a magnificent gold plaque to Patricia which, as well as featuring a replica of The Ryder Cup trophy and a gold embossed passage from Dai's 1999 book 'Beyond the Fairways', also featured the inscription; 'In Memory of Dai Davies: For his professionalism and commitment to covering the greatest spectacle in golf, The Ryder Cup.'

"I got to know Dai well over the years and as well as our shared love of golf we also shared a love of jazz music," said Steranka. "We cannot help but think how much he would have enjoyed this week so much as well as looking forward to the next Ryder Cup in his beloved Wales. We all miss him very much."

AP correspondent Doug Ferguson, President of the Golf Writers Association of America, and The Daily Telegraph's Lewine Mair, Chairman of the Association of Golf Writers also shared their memories of the man who began his writing career with the Birmingham Post and ended it with The Guardian.

Ferguson said: "We recognised Dai as much as one of ours as one of yours. We loved his passion for the game and his personality, something will all cherish."

Mair said: "Nothing is more certain than the fact that, of all the thousands of words written this week, we will all miss his."

Patricia admitted she was "stunned" by the fantastic gesture. "Dai loved his work and he took it very seriously," she said. "He hated to see people squander talent they had and he was certainly never guilty of that.

"He also loved his golf and understood the intensity of The Ryder Cup as only a man -- who had an uphill two footer to win the Golf Writers Home Internationals for Wales......and left it short, could!"