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Recap: Match 8

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Instant analysis: The quality of golf was high throughout the round from all four players, and if not for a stumble on the final hole by the Americans, who both found water off the tee, they would have scored a full point. Entertainment value was off the charts, as was the electricity.

Key moments: America took control in the middle of the round. Down 2 after eight, Holmes sank a 6-footer for birdie to cut the deficit in half, and Weekley won the 10th with an 8-foot birdie. But the swing hole was No. 12, where Weekley, putting above the hole from the fringe, nailed a 45-foot birdie try. Westwood couldn't answer from 30 feet, but Europe didn't quit and stole a halve.

Player report cards
Holmes: B. No birdies might mean a prolonged seat on the bench on Saturday.
Weekley: A. Played several holes 2 on 1 and kept the ship afloat with all-around poise and shot making until they could get on a roll. He was a rally unto himself, actually.
Hansen: B. Solid round of golf, but didn't take advantage of his opportunities.
Westwood: B+. Scrambled well to complement his teammate and drove the ball splendidly to counter an American power display that would have intimidated other foes, and he didn't flinch down the stretch.

What They Said
Weekley: "It was good. We got off to a good start, then we kind of both lost it there a bit, then we regained it with J.B. at 8 and 9 and then it was off to the races."

Holmes: "I didn't hit my driver that well today. Fortunately, I think I figured out what I was doing on that last shot ... a little late. But it's close. It's not far off, but we played great and I rode Boo. He played great on the back side."