Q. A disappointing day.  You're obviously 1 up after 8, Jason Dufner made a couple crucial putts at the turn and you couldn't get it back on the back nine. 

FRANCESCO MOLINARI:  Yeah, well, obviously they played very solid golf.  We made a couple of mistakes on the back nine, and they just played very well, so we need to congratulate them.  I think we played all right.  Obviously in the usually moments it went that way.  We could have done a little bit more.

Q.  Talk about how things stand on the board. 

FRANCESCO MOLINARI:  Yeah, I think the main thing is to keep playing good golf.  Our match this morning just turned away in the middle of the match, but we did well, we stuck in.  So we just need to do the same with the afternoon matches.

Q.  Were you aware of the sort of momentum swing on the back nine, not just in your match, but it seemed like very early on today there was a lot of European blue on the board.  Were you aware of what was going on elsewhere on the course? 

FRANCESCO MOLINARI:  I didn't really focus on any other matches, we were just trying to focus on our match.  I think we should have been more than 1 up after eight holes, and we paid for that on the back nine. 

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