Q. Tough day out there today.

JUSTIN ROSE: They played well. I think they birdied every hole from 5, so that's a pretty stout performance. They are a formidable team obviously. They got their revenge on Ian Poulter from this morning.

You know, Frank I and I, we battled hard and we kept trying to believe in ourselves but it was one of those things, momentum wasn't with us. Hit a great chip on 12, and if that dropped gets you back in the game and then they go birdie birdie straight after that. You know, give credit where credit is due. They played great.

Q. What do you think the difference has been the first couple of days for the Americans?

FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I think they have been holing a lot more putts and they have had momentum with them. It's quite easy to play when you go straight down, and when you're trying to fight back  we fought hard.

Q. What do you think the mood is like on the European side right now?

JUSTIN ROSE: Well, it will be a lot better if we squeeze out two wins. You know, if we can finish the session at even, we've still got a fighting chance.

Q. Webb Simpson was just way too hot to handle this afternoon.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, we played really, really well. He made the putts this afternoon. I played him in foursomes this morning and he let us off with the putter to be honest with you. He missed five or six makeable putts in the early round, and obviously kicked into gear is this afternoon.

Like Francesco said, give credit where credit is due; they were hot today.

Q. Must be a very frustrating feeling right now.

FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, it is. No one likes to lose. We just gave it our best. We had a couple of chances to get back into the match and just didn't go our way. So sometimes just have to accept defeat, and I think we just have to go out tomorrow and try to play as we did this afternoon and just make more putts.

Q. With all of the roars that we can hear going around the course all the time, you must be aware when you're playing the way that the momentum is going, does it feel like it's slipping away?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. Right now it is, for sure. Doesn't mean it's over yet. Poulter and McIlroy can do something crazy, and if Colsaerts and Lawrie can win their game  it's possible. Right now, you look at the board and it's bleak, but I do think that if we get some momentum going our way, it could unnerve this whole place, but it's hard to get going right now.

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