An Interview with: TIGER WOODS

Q. No big surprise about you and Strick.  You've played, I think, eight times in team competitions.  Talk about your comfort level playing with him. 

TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, Strick and I are very comfortable together.  We've had some pretty good success over the years, and we both have been playing well.  Our captain said that would be a good fit, and he wanted us out there to anchor.  We've got a great match up in Rosey and Poults.

Q.  You've been out first a couple of times   

TIGER WOODS:  I've been all over the place.  I've been first, second, third and fourth.  It's just a matter of what our captain thinks is best for the team.  In either case, we've got to go out there and earn our point for the team.  That's what Strick and I are going to try to do tomorrow.

Q.  He's a great putter, obviously.  How does that free up your game in terms of having some confidence that he's going to hit some fairways, too?

TIGER WOODS:  Well, the thing is we know each other's game, and we practice a lot together at tournaments.  We play practice rounds together.  We're very comfortable out there.  We know what to expect from each other.  There are no hidden surprises out there for us.  We've been through a lot of matches together and have played a lot together, so we're fine.

Q.  It's a lot different than the old days when you guys probably didn't know the Europeans as well.  Justin and Poulter both obviously live in Orlando.  Just talk about their games. 

TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, they're both at Lake Nona, we play Tavistock.  Rosey and I play quite a bit because obviously Sean coaches the both of us.  It's going to be a good match tomorrow.  We're looking forward to getting out there and getting going. 

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