Bradley Neil and Alisdair Drummond

Amateur Champion Bradley Neil with Blairgowrie Club Captain Alisdair Drummond

Bradley Neil opens new range and academy at The Blairgowrie Golf Club

Junior Ryder Cup host builds for next generation

Amateur Champion Bradley Neil helped The Blairgowrie Golf Club, host of the 2014 Junior Ryder Cup, unveil the new Carsie Range & Academy.

The new range was opened by Bradley Neil, Amateur Champion 2014, and member of the club, who has been selected for the European team to face the USA on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September over the Rosemount Course in The Junior Ryder Cup. The players in this event will have exclusive use of the new Carsie Range & Academy during the 2 practice days and 2 play days, therefore it has been designed to offer every range of practice possible.

Managing Secretary at The Blairgowrie Golf Club, Douglas Cleeton said: “A great deal of time and effort has been put into the creation of this facility by the club, with input from staff, Ryder Cup Europe, governing bodies and from those involved in construction of the facility, to ensure that we have created a real benefit for members and a fitting legacy to The Junior Ryder Cup this year. Members of the club have given terrific feedback which is always gratifying and over time we strive to make further upgrades to make this facility even better.”

The new Carsie Driving Range & Academy has five covered synthetic bays, six uncovered grass bays and two fairway bunkers for practice from in and from behind. The new facilities have been the result of months of preparatory work resulting in bespoke facilities that have also seen the club awarded status as a Development Centre by the Scottish Golf Union.

Fredrik Lindgren, Director of The Junior Ryder Cup, added: “We congratulate The Blairgowrie Golf Club for completing The Carsie Range and Academy to such a high standard and in perfect timing ahead of the 2014 Junior Ryder Cup.

“The Junior Ryder Cup players will benefit hugely from this new facility and we are indebted to The Blairgowrie Golf Club’s members and management for this worthwhile and, for us, very timely investment. We are delighted to have been able to support its development.

“We hope The Junior Ryder Cup and The Ryder Cup will inspire many young girls and boys to take up golf and the academy is perfectly designed to welcome and further inspire them and their parents are welcome too.” The Junior Ryder Cup is free to enjoy and has previously been host to future golf stars including Rory McIlroy and Hunter Mayhan. More information can be found here. Alternatively, follow online via social media @juniorrydercup or the Facebook page