The Captains: Wednesday words of wisdom

José María Olazábal chats to the media

The Captains: Wednesday words of wisdom

With just over 24 hours left until the curtain comes up on The 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club, Captains José María Olazábal and Davis Love III again took to the stage to analyse how their respective teams are shaping up as the weekend rapidly approaches.

Europe’s José María Olazábal

Olazábal on… only nine holes of practice on Wednesday
“The boys had a good look at the golf course yesterday. It took them quite a while to play 18 holes, and I thought it was best because Wednesdays and Thursdays are quite busy apart from the golf. We have the gala dinner; we have the media interviews; we have the opening ceremony. I wanted the boys to take it easy today and tomorrow, just play nine holes and be ready for Friday.

Olazábal on… being a Ryder Cup rookie
“You really don't know what to expect. You really need to be part of it and to experience it to really know what the Ryder Cup is all about. If you asked me in '87 before I played my first match, I didn't have a clue of what was to come. And it happens to everyone. This is a very unique event. It's completely different to a regular event, even a major event.”

Olazábal on… players wanting to feature in all five ties
“To be honest, I would expect that. You expect that from your great players. In that regard, in our team, everyone is ready to play five matches. Obviously that's not going to happen, but it is nice to know that the guys are willing to put the extra energy and the extra effort in order to achieve the goal.”

Olazábal on… the US fans
“The closer we get to Friday, the more excitement you feel, the more pressure, the more tension. You can see that in the crowds today. They were already just dropping a few "USAs" in there and stuff like that. I think everyone is building up for Friday, and we're going to see that atmosphere then. I think Friday morning is going to be amazing. It's going to be loud and that's the beauty of this event. That's why this event is what it is.”

Olazábal on… Sunday singles and the possibility of a McIlroy/Woods match
“Sunday will be what will be. You know, I'm not expecting anything at this particular time. We are guessing here, and my guess is as good as yours. The only thing I can say is that I know you're eager to see that draw, but I think the Ryder Cup is more important than any single match.”

America’s Davis Love III

Love on… the Fatigue Factor
“This week I think you're going on a lot of energy and adrenaline, and that'll carry you through. But you have to balance it. I think it's always tough for us. As a captain, when a guy says, ‘I'll play as many as you want me to play’, you've got to decide how many is right for him. We're balancing that on our side because we've played a lot of golf. But I've been asking them for weeks, make sure you're rested.”

Love on… letting his players relax
“We’ve got unbelievably fast thoroughbreds here, and if you don't ever let them out in the pasture to kick their heels up and eat some grass and keep them in the stall and make them run hard all the time, they're never going to run. So we're just letting them be themselves.”

Love on… The Ryder Cup’s popularity in America
“Our country has caught on, thanks to Seve and Bernhard Langer and the matches becomingvery competitive. I've always said, it's like the America's Cup yacht races. I never heard too much about it until we started losing. Everybody got real interested. And now people watch it on TV and there are a lot of sponsors and we talk about it. I think the Ryder Cup has progressed like that.”

Love on… what could make the difference come Sunday night
“I think it comes down to putting, generally. A chip in here or there maybe, but it generally comes down to which team holes the most putts. I said it’s like Monty; he might be winning the Order of Merit every year, but he always putted better in the Ryder Cup, didn't he.”