Ryder Cup 2014 - Disability Policy

What are the provisions for those with disabilities at The 2014 Ryder Cup?

All disability is individual and therefore Ryder Cup Limited will try to respond individually to each spectator by providing a team of specifically designated Spectator Assistance Volunteers to aid in the movement of persons throughout the venue through buggies or guidance. We endeavour to provide a high standard of accessible facilities for all visitors and spectators with a disability, including those using a wheelchair.

I have a blue badge. Where do I park?

For blue badge holders there will be dedicated bays at the front of each Park and Ride site, with minimum walking distance to the bus itself. There will be Spectator Assistances across the Park and Ride sites and at Gleneagles, who will have buggies to help transport members of the public who require special assistance.

I am a wheelchair user. Where do I park?

As a wheelchair user you have already made yourself known through the ticketing process. There will be a designated disabled car park close to the course, the location will be confirmed in due course. A shuttle bus will be provided from this confirmed area and will drop the spectators as close to the course as possible. You will be sent your parking pass with your Ryder Cup ticket.

What facilities are on site for those with disabilities?

There will be disabled toilets located in the Tented Village and at all Public Areas on-course.

All public tented facilities including public catering, merchandise pavilion, interactive zone, etc. will have ramped as well as stair access. Those structures which have more than one floor will have a lift for use.

What is Event Mobility? Can I bring my own scooter?

Event Mobility will provide approximately 30 Mobile Scooters per day that are available for booking in advance for those with walking disabilities. Users will be provided with a map directing the areas where the scooters can travel on-course and the no go areas which must be followed.

Scooters will be available for hire from Tuesday, September 23rd – Sunday, September 28th. There is no charge for this service however we do ask for a fixed charitable donation. Charge to be confirmed. These must be booked in advance. Event Mobility will be located at the North Bus Terminal.

Bookings should be made direct with Event Mobility by phoning +44 (0)1386 725 391. Payment must be made by credit card at the time of booking.
Further details at: www.eventmobility.org.uk

It is not possible to bring your own scooters onto the course.

How do I get access to Spectator Assistance?

The Volunteers HQ is based behind the media centre. Both Information Centres will also be able to assist or contact any one of our Ryder Cup Volunteers.


For further information, please contact Charlotte Banks on +44(0)1344 840 565.