What they said: before the Friday Foursomes

The European Team are talking a good game ahead of Friday's opening foursomes

What they said: before the Friday Foursomes

With the golfing world poised for play first thing at Medinah we got the reaction of both teams ahead of the opening session of foursomes at The 2012 Ryder Cup.

Match One: McDowell / McIlroy vs Furyk / Snedeker

McDowell: "For me personally it is huge because I was last man out in the last match (in the singles at Celtic Manor) and I am first out here. I am very proud to be playing alongside my great friend and the greatest player on the planet."

McIlroy: "I can’t wait for 07:20 in the morning. Leading the side off in The Ryder Cup – we are going to go out there and get the blue on the board early."

Furyk: "I've definitely learned a little bit about momentum and getting out in front, and I know getting off to a good start tomorrow will be key to us, and we're setting the tone.  We're in the first group.  We have a tough pairing with Rory and Graeme, but it'll be nice for us to get out there and get a point and set the tone early against probably their strongest team."

Snedeker: "It will be a tough match, they are two of the best players in the world, they have a close relationship and they are going to come out swinging the first match of the day.  I think my game stacks up against anybody's right now and I think Jim's does, too, so we are going to give them a hard match tomorrow and try to get that win."

Match Two: Donald / Garcia vs Mickelson / Bradley

Donald: "I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve obviously both got unbeaten records in Foursomes and we have played well together in the past. We are very comfortable with each other and we are both playing very well so we are looking forward to it and hoping to keep our unbeaten records going."

Garcia: "He’s my best friend on Tour. We get on great in Foursomes together. It’s going to be a tough match against two very good players but we are looking forward to the challenge and we are going to try as hard as we can to bring back a point for the European Team."

Mickelson: "I'm really excited to play with Keegan.  We have been wanting to play together for a while. We have practiced foursomes in the practice rounds, and have a pretty good game plan of how we are going to play the course."

Bradley: "It feels great. I'm looking forward to playing with Phil. We have a great relationship and I think it's going to be a great partnership. I've never played (foursomes) so I'm going to find out tomorrow (how it fits with my game).  I pride myself on hitting fairways and Phil is a great iron player, so that seems to match up.

Match Three: Molinari / Westwood vs Dufner / Z. Johnson

Molinari: "It’s fantastic for me and a huge honour for me to play with Lee, a guy playing his eighth Ryder Cup. He has more experience than anyone else and it is a great feeling to be paired with him. I am really looking forward to it."

Westwood: "Francesco brings a lot of accuracy to the partnership. We are going to be very steady and consistent and hopefully very hard to beat. We have strength all the way through and they do too so it’s important to get off to a fast start as a team and get a lot of blue on the board early to silence the crowd."

Dufner: “I think we’re both playing really good. We mesh pretty well, our games are pretty similar, and we’re both comfortable playing and being around each other, so I think it’ll be a good match.”

Johnson: "I think we’ve played every round together if I'm not mistaken.  We kind of knew going into it that we wanted to play together, and Davis liked how it fit.  Ultimately it's certainly not our decision, but he wanted our input and we thought it would be good for a number of reasons."


Match Four: Poulter / Rose vs Stricker / Woods

Poulter: "I’m ready. You know what, we’ve both been ready since the moment we set foot on the golf course at the start of the week. Justin is in great form, I’ve been playing pretty good lately so I’m ready."

Rose: "The butterflies will be flying in the morning that’s for sure, I’d be lying if I said they wouldn’t be but that is part and parcel of the whole Ryder Cup experience. It is about harnessing that and turning that into adrenalin and good golf. It is certainly not an easy game, there are no easy games in The Ryder Cup, but from a crowd perspective if we do manage to go out there and get a point, it could be one of those huge swing and momentum moments."

Stricker: "It's going to be tough playing Poulter and Justin Rose, they are both playing well.  Every match is tough but it's fun to get out there and get going right away in the morning."

Woods: "Strick and I are very comfortable together.  We've had some pretty good success over the years, and we both have been playing well.  Our captain said that would be a good fit, and he wanted us out there to anchor.  We've got a great match up in Rosey and Poults."