Q. Congratulations. They birdied 1, got ahead, he came back and birdied 2 to square it up, but your play at 4, 5, 6 and 7, those four birdies really took control of the match, didn't it? From that point on you never really seemed challenged.

MATT KUCHAR: I played solid golf and got hot with the putter. We made a great team. I got hot there for a while with the putter and then Dustin continued to stay strong through the back nine. I mean, I kind of fell back on him and relied on him, and this guy is a horse. When he turns it on, it's fun to watch.

Q. Dustin, it's been a great afternoon for the Americans, no question about it, and there's a match up ahead. How do you like the four ball portion of this? Does it give you a chance to be more aggressive?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, you know, the four ball is good. We had a game plan going out. We just wanted to get two looks at birdie all day. That's how you can get ahead and put some pressure on them if you've got two looks on every hole. Between me and him, we're both good putters; one of them is going to go in.
Q. Dustin, a captain's wild card, glad he picked you because you wouldn't want to miss this, and how nice to justify his pick.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm playing really well coming into this event, and having a great partner like Kuchar, we make a great team. We keep each other energized and excited out there. Today we just played really good, solid golf and got a few putts to roll in.

Q. Describe the atmosphere from a player's point of view, Matt.

MATT KUCHAR: It was so awesome. I've had one other Ryder Cup experience. It was Wales, and I thought Wales was incredible. Being in front of the home crowd, just the volume and the passion for golf, it's just so much fun to be a part of.

Q. You were good on the front side, Dustin picked you up on the back side. Great team effort.

MATT KUCHAR: Absolutely. It's a lot of fun playing with Dustin. I think we combine very, very well. We teamed up well. We've teamed up well in the last. It's fun to have a guy like him that can take advantage of holes. My job was to play steady and make some putts, and it was a fun match.

Q. Dustin, your game is really at a high level right now.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm playing well. Today I drove it well. I was in the fairway a lot, so that helps. A little shaky with the irons here and there, but we can dial those in matter. But I've got my man Kuch here, he drives it down the middle of every fairway and hits it in the center of every green, so when he gets that putter rolling, I don't think anybody is better.

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