LUKE DONALD:  We played solid.  They just played a little better.  Obviously only really gave them one hole on 12, and otherwise they made some great birdies.  Making birdie, the 2 on 13; they played solidly and we just didn't quite make enough putts. 

SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, he summed it up pretty well.  I think that, yeah, Luke hit a great putt that lipped out unfortunately.  If theirs doesn't go in, maybe a little bit different story, but that's the way match play is.  You need momentum on your side and unfortunately we didn't have it today; you know, they won. 

Q.  And the foursomes overall at the moment look fairly even split, and how is the atmosphere? 

LUKE DONALD:  It's loud, it's raucous, it's what you expect from a Ryder Cup.  As we said, it's always tough to play away from home, but the boys are hanging in there, too. 

Q.  Looking forward to getting out there and going one better this afternoon? 

SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, definitely, we'll go out there and we'll give it our best shot in the afternoon and see if we can get some points for Europe.

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