MATT KUCHAR: I think we really work well together. It's great fun playing with Dustin. He was struggling earlier. I kept telling you, "I've got faith in you, I've got faith in you, you're going to come through and win this thing."  And sure enough, he did, 17 and then 18, hitting a couple great shots in there, it was awesome.

Q. You were playing from ahead, and then it got close and then you made some excitement at the end. What was it like, what did it feel like on the 17th green to make that putt?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Oh, man, it felt really good. You know, I really struggled through the middle part of the round. I hit some really good shots on the back nine, and then to make that putt on 17 Matt told me walking up to the green, he goes, "I think you're going to do something special right here." And sure enough, I did. Probably one of the best feelings I've had on the golf course.

Q. Why are you two such a good four ball team?

MATT KUCHAR: You've got me, the steady guy, and you've got the guy that can make the game look easy, you've got the horse here. It was so great, cheering him on, being there for him, helping him out seeing what he did on 17 and then come through on 18 as well, he hit a couple great shots.

Q. For viewers who will never understand what the feeling is like to play in something like this, when you hear the roars of the crowd, after you make a big putt, what goes through your mind?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I was so jacked up walking to the 18th tee, I don't know, I had goosebumps; I was fired up. The crowds out here are great. For me and Matt, it's our first time playing for a home crowd in an event like this, and it's something special.

Q. Sunday's singles, a long ways to go; how do you look stay in the moment?

MATT KUCHAR: Morning was great and afternoon is looking good for us, as well. We had a couple good sessions. We'll have fun tonight and tomorrow everybody knows you have to take care of business. There's 12 matches and that's a lot of points to be had.

Q. I don't think I've ever quite hard a roar like that.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: It was special. That's the loudest roar I've ever heard, especially for me, on a golf course. And the situation, it was big, and you know, I was just glad I had my partner here all day to pull me through, and kept giving me confidence that it was going to turn around and it did on the back nine.

MATT KUCHAR: Davis has done a great job with pairing guys, and he's a fantastic captain and we love playing for him.

Q. You have a massive lead at the moment and the fans are going absolutely crazy. Have you guys got to be careful not to get too carried away with the highs and the joy of it because there's still a job to do?

MATT KUCHAR: I think we all understand, 12 singles matches are a lot of points. You've got eight points the first two days to be had, but 12 on Sunday, so there's a lot of room for things to ebb and flow. So we are all going to come out focused tomorrow.

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