Q. Gentlemen, can you just describe the last few hours out here at Medinah and what happened with that partnership that you came up against today, Luke?

LUKE DONALD: Well, tough, yeah. Phil is a good partner to Keegan. He's obviously been a rock star this week, and they did nothing wrong. They played extremely solid. We didn't quite have our games this morning, and we just couldn't quite get the momentum on our side. We just kept pushing and trying as hard as we could, but they kept coming up with great shots.

Q. So important early on in that match when they established a lead right from the start, difficult to come back against a pairing so hot like that?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, obviously got a bit of momentum from yesterday, and they started off quick today. They were something like 6 under through 10. We didn't play well enough and put enough pressure on them, but that's what in golf is normally going to win.

Q. Can I ask what the discussion was like in the team room last night and how the captain discussed events and what was the philosophy coming out today?

LUKE DONALD: Philosophy was to play better, simple as that, just to go out there and play a little better, just play hard. We're certainly giving 100 percent out there, but we're fine. We're going to still fight, and it's not over until Sunday.

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