Q. Congratulations, guys, on a 7 & 6 victory. In my experience, I don't think I've ever seen a Ryder Cup pairing where the two players were so invested in each other as you two guys are with each other. Would you agree with that, Phil? You've been around a long time.

PHIL MICKELSON: Well, certainly not on the American side. The European side has had some great teammates with Seve and Ollie and some others, but to be able to share this experience with Keegan and to partake in his great play and experience the Ryder Cup together has been really awesome. We've had so much fun. The crowd has provided so much energy, and it's brought our best golf out.

Q. There's no question about that. I heard you tell Captain Davis Love we're giving you the best we've got back there on the 10th hole. Do you think we'll see you this afternoon?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I'm going to leave that up to Captain Davis, but right now I'm just thrilled I get to share this with Phil and play the way we did. I got to witness on the good side of one of those Phil pars on the last hole.

PHIL MICKELSON: The thing about it is historically and mathematically the guys that have played five matches have not done as well in the singles and we want to make sure we're rested and focused on the singles. We've got a lot of guys on this team that are playing some great golf who need to get out and play as well, and don't be surprised if we end up not playing because we don't want to risk two points for one.

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