An Interview with: JASON DUFNER

Q.  You played some practice rounds with Zach today and during the week.  Just talk about what the dynamic was like. 

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, it's been good.  We played a lot in the Playoffs because we were matched up close with the points as it was kind of situated.  So we played Deutsche Bank, BMW, TOUR Championship.  We played together at Colonial two days earlier in the year, so we've played a lot of golf together, and we were just chatting, and we felt like it would be a good pairing and a good match up, so we told that to the captain, and he stuck us together going out early tomorrow.

Q.  This is your first Ryder Cup experience.  What can you draw from his experience?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, he's going to guide me around a little bit, I think, and he's a good little rock to lean on.  He's been through this a little bit.  I think we're both playing really good.  We mesh pretty well, our games are pretty similar, and we're both comfortable playing and being around each other, so I think it'll be a good match.

Q.  How do you think your game fits the foursomes format?

JASON DUFNER:  I think it's pretty good.  Like I said earlier, our games are very similar, so we'll be familiar with where we're playing from.  Both of us tend to hit it pretty straight, hit a lot of greens.  Zach is a phenomenal putter, so it should be a good match up.  We should mesh well together.

Q.  Now that you're playing in that first group, can you kind of put into words what your emotions are like?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, there's been a lot of anticipation for tomorrow to start and get going.  I'll be pretty fired up and ready to go tomorrow and try to get a point for the team. 

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