An Interview with: LUKE DONALD and SERGIO GARCIA

Q: You have a great record in Foursomes – both of you are undefeated. Talk about the prospect of playing together. 

Luke:  I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve obviously both got unbeaten records in Foursomes and we have played well together in the past. We’ve got a great record together and it should be a great match against two very good players in Phil and Keegan. They obviously know each other well but Sergio and I do and we have had some great success together. We are very comfortable with each other and we are both playing very well so we are looking forward to it and hoping to keep our unbeaten records going. 

Sergio: He’s my best friend on Tour. We get on great in Foursomes together. We are very comfortable together. It’s going to be a tough match against two very good players but we are looking forward to the challenge and we are going to try as hard as we can to bring back a point for the European Team. Obviously we both have a great record in Foursomes and we are unbeaten but we aren’t concentrating on that – we are just looking to win a point for Europe.

Q.: Phil and Keegan tomorrow – they mix experience with a rookie. Your thoughts on playing them?

Luke: Obviously Phil has a lot of experience and Keegan is a rookie but it’s not a pairing that surprises you because they play a lot of golf together and know each other very well. But we’ve had some success against Phil before and hopefully we can again tomorrow.  They are a pairing that we thought might play together because of how well they know each other. It should be a great atmosphere with Phil playing and hopefully I will get some support as I live in Chicago and Sergio obviously has some special memories from here. He’s very popular around here – I think he got the big cheer at the opening ceremony, so it is going to be a special match. 

Sergio: They are two very good players and it will be a tough match, but they are also two players that sometimes might not always hit it straight. But we are just going to focus on our own games and hopefully we can win the point for Europe. We are feeling good and are looking forward to getting going. 

Q: Thoughts on the pairings overall?

Luke Donald: They are great matches overall. Of course they are – it’s the Ryder Cup. You always get some tasty pairings and I think we are all looking forward to getting under way tomorrow. It should be an exciting day.