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Captain's Blog: The big week is finally here

U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III poses with his team before Tuesday's practice round at Medinah.

Captain's Blog: The big week is finally here

It's been a long time in the making, but U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III is delighted that Ryder Cup week at Medinah is finally here. Love explains in his latest blog entry.

By Davis Love III
U.S. Ryder Cup Captain

MEDINAH, Ill. -- I learned from Raymond Floyd, who always mentioned his wife Maria first -- Robin and I are excited that Ryder Cup week is finally here.

My wife Robin has done an incredible job getting all the details ready and there's been so much work to do. I realized last Thursday or Friday, "Oh my gosh. We're getting ready to play some golf!" That's what gets us excited. It's playing golf. I'm excited it's here. The anticipation is pretty much over. Earlier today Mike Hulbert and I were riding over and I said, OK, it's going to start. Yesterday was nice. Sunday was nice. It starts now. But now you've got fans. Now you've got tee times.

There's a video with past captains that's really cool. Byron Nelson said he was so thrilled because he'd never seen a golf team with pants alike and bags alike and shirts alike and when everyone goes and puts on their team uniform to go out and play, it's pretty exciting. Well, that happened to me today. I was beside myself on the first tee this morning watching those guys hit their shots. You know, it's starting. It's hard to believe it's here. We've planned it; it's all we've talked about for two years. I've looked through all the binders, but now it's actually a golf tournament. It's a lot of fun.

I can't remember a Ryder Cup in all the ones I've been a part of with both teams playing as well as these two teams are coming into the matches. I told my team last night, "This is the finest U.S. team ever assembled and y'all are playing great. It's pretty unbelievable really. That stat is something like the 24 guys here are all within the top 30-something in the World Golf Ranking. That's unbelievable. Here we are and we're going to have them all on the same golf course in a match.

With that stat, the problem becomes, who do you sit out? Statistically, you can't make a case for any guy on our team and say, "Well, he's been off. He needs to sit out." You've seen a lot of Ryder Cups in the past where it's clear that there are two or three guys that you're going to have a tough time putting out there 3-4 times. We don't have that issue. We don't have any really short hitters, bad putters, or someone who's been in a slump for six months. We've got them all geared up and ready to go. It's exciting.

In a week like this, time management is crucial. These guys have all played so much since the British Open. You had a World Golf Championship since then, the PGA Championship, the FedExCup. It's been a hectic time. We started talking to guys about time management weeks ago. In fact, Jason Dufner and I talked about it. I was playing with him at Greensboro and said, "No look, it's going to be a busy couple of weeks for you. I don't want you to be tired..."

He cuts me off and he says, "Davis, don't even start. I'm not playing next week at Barclays. I'm going to be ready for the Tour Championship and the Ryder Cup. Trust me."

We've been on it for a while. You don't have to tell Tiger and Phil, or Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker. They're all experts at planning their schedules.

Brandt Snedeker has pretty much played every week that there's been a golf tournament since the British Open. But he wanted to play his way in. He wanted to win the FedEx. He missed 6-8 weeks earlier in the season, so he just wanted to play.

Last night they were gone out of the Team room by 10 o'clock. It was impressive. They played a lot of table tennis and had a big night. But, they all took their nice, new Omega watches and went to bed. It was good.