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Captain's Blog: A passionate event

Davis Love III explained on Wednesday that the Ryder Cup stirs up all kinds of emotions.

Captain's Blog: A passionate event

U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III has been pretty emotional when talking about his team this week. In his latest captain's blog, Love explains it's all a part of the Ryder Cup.

By Davis Love III
U.S. Ryder Cup Captain

MEDINAH, Ill. -- Early on, it's been an emotional week so far for me -- in a good way. But, that's what the Ryder Cup will do to you. Maybe it'll get easier once we start playing on Friday, but I don't know.

It's just been hard to talk because this week means so much. It's emotional, but I get it out. I watch guys hit shots and I say, "Hey, this is actually about to happen."

Getting up at a dinner and talking about Maria Floyd (the wife of Raymond Floyd, who passed away earlier this month) is hard. But, we have that captain's video I talked about yesterday and Arnold Palmer said, "I'm going to cry. I just know I'm going to do it!" I've seen him do it. That's how I am. And that's all part of it. This is a passionate event.

Look at Keegan Bradley. Not many people have ever accomplished as much as he has so early in his career. He's been on Tour for two years. He's won a major and a World Golf Championship. Yet, he said that when he came out with his U.S. Team uniform for a Tuesday practice round at his first Ryder Cup yesterday, that was the highlight of his career so far. I think it's great that he's that excited. I loved being on the first tee and seeing his reaction to all this. I had to tell him, "Keegan, there's going to be twice as many people here on Friday. It's going to be twice as loud!"

It'll probably five times as loud, but I didn't want to scare him. I think it's great that he feels the way he does about being here.

Tom Watson got to watch me experience what Keegan's going through now. It's great to turn the tables now and watch these new guys here for the first time and talk to them about it. It's pretty cool.

I have so many different memories from playing, but for me it's mostly about the team unity and the fun times off the golf course. Those memories are some of the best. The golf memories are cool and it's fun talking about them, but I hear Tiger and Phil talking about more stuff that's happened off the golf course than shots hit. Stuff like falling asleep in rules meetings. That's stuff we laugh about that make weeks like this so special.