A Quick Nine: When I think Ryder Cup, I think...

For many of our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation, when they think Ryder Cup, they think of the late Payne Stewart.

A Quick Nine: When I think Ryder Cup...

When you think about the Ryder Cup, what exactly is it that you think of? That's the question we posed to our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation and we received some great answers.

By T.J. Auclair
PGA.com Interactive Producer

MEDINAH, Ill. -- The Ryder Cup is one of the most fascinating sporting events in the world. There are so many things that make the Ryder Cup special. First and foremost, it's a team event where players are playing for pride instead of money.

The intensity and the support of the fans is second to none. Pride is off the charts. And -- the golf itself -- is just fantastic.

Here we are now at Medinah Country Club, just two days away from the opening shot of the 39th Ryder Cup. So, we decided to ask our friends in PGA.com Facebook Nation to fill in the blank: "When I think of the Ryder Cup, I think of...

Take a look at some of the many great answers we received:

9. The passion. From the players to the spectators, there's nothing like the passion of a Ryder Cup.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Passion." -- Raymond Sillifant

"Passion." -- Amy Nelson

8. Patriotism. Patriotism is defined as, "love for or devotion to one's country." That sums up the Ryder Cup perfectly.

Facebook fan quote:

"Patriotism... the men are golfing for their team, their country and their flag. Yes, there is pride, nerves and yes there is a rivalry. Was blessed to be at Brookline for the 1999 Cup. Incredible 3 days. And Sunday was the most exciting sporting event and energy I have ever attended." -- John McIntyre

7. Pride. For a change, these players aren't playing for themselves. They're playing instead for their team and their country.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Country pride." -- Todd Brunsink

"The best golfers playing as a team for pride of country!" -- Ben Zawaski

6. The chants and singing of the fans. Being at a Ryder Cup and listening to the fans is like being at a soccer match. It's unlike anything you've ever seen on a golf course.

Facebook fan quote:

"Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! (I'm an American. Just think the song is cool.)" -- Randy Williams

5. The concept of team. This certainly ties into the pride aspect of the competition, but the idea of "team" isn't something we always get to enjoy.

Facebook fan quotes:

"It's the team aspect; it's not like every week on tour where it is you against everyone else. You have other guys in your corner now." -- Eric Smith

"Individuals becoming a team." -- Jimmy Fitz

"Teamwork. Getting to play as part of a team and the pressure (greater) that goes along with it. Fantastic!" -- Brian Batko

4. Being there for one another. This isn't limited to players stepping up and bailing out a teammate after a wayward shot. Remember Phil Mickelson at Celtic Manor in 2010? His teammate, Hunter Mahan, was extremely emotional in the post-match press conference after his loss to Graeme McDowell that earned the Europeans the Ryder Cup. While Mahan was having a hard time answering questions about what happened in the match, Mickelson took over the mic to spare Mahan. It was a special moment.

Facebook fan quote:

"Phil taking the mic from in front of Hunter. That press conference really showed our team's passion, but the star was Mickelson's compassion and class. Go Team USA!" -- Cris Wimer

3. The Miracle at Brookline in 1999. The U.S. trailed 10-6 going into the singles matches at the Country Club in 1999 before romping in the singles to complete the biggest comeback win in Ryder Cup history.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Ben Crenshaw pointing his finger into the camera at that news conference saying, 'I have a good feeling about this.'" -- Greg Roberge

-- Kelly M. Slatton

"Brookline as well... so fun and my 50th birthday surprise! Also I am so proud to be a PGA of America wife!" -- Susan Koontz Laber

"1999, and the Greatest Comeback in Golf History to see the pure relief and happiness of all those U.S. golfers. It was just awesome. USA, USA, USA!" -- Eric Tyler Mullins

T1. The memories of Payne Stewart and Seve Ballesteros. Two Ryder Cup legends that are no longer with us, but two legends we will never forget.

Facebook fan quotes:

"One word... Payne." -- Justin Bartlett

"Payne conceding Monty's putt. Pure class!" -- Dewey Johnson

"Payne Stewart and his class." -- Brock Libby

"Payne Stewart. Because he loved the event so much." -- Lanita Legan

"Payne Stewart. Conceding the match to Montgomerie. Classy." -- Wally Hipps

"Payne Stewart... if you must ask why then you wouldn't understand." -- Marshall Robertson

"I think of the great Payne Stewart, he was a very special guy. Miss him." -- Dodie Grahn

"Seve!" -- Martin Haugli Sørensen

"Seve and Jose... then Jose and Sergio. Great Spanaird teams." -- Jimmy McCants

"Seve the greatest Ryder Cupper, go team EUROPE!" -- Ben Pate

"All because of two gentlemen golfers that are sorely missed... Payne and Seve." -- Robert Beach

"I think Payne, Seve and all the past competitors. This is competition in its rawest form. USA vs. EUR love it!" -- Scott Hill