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An Interview with Colin Montgomerie

September 18, 2004

Q. Running out of a bit of steam?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not at all, it was me running out of steam. The partnership didn't play that well this morning at all; for that reason I think I'm going to be watching most of this on television this afternoon. First time I've missed a series of matches since, God knows when.

Q. A long time.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: A long time. I just hope we can get something out. To lose 16 here, or on 17 -- to get something out of this, if we can get out of this 3 and 1 and get to 7 1/2 again, it leaves us only 6 1/2 points to retain this thing. We have a strong foursomes lineup this afternoon. As I've said many, many times, it doesn't matter who the hell gets the points as long as we get them.

Q. Can I ask you if you asked to sit out this afternoon?


Q. Was that a difficult decision for you to make, with your record?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Forget, forget, I'm not into Ryder Cup records, individual Ryder Cup means nothing at all to me. It's a team event and that's why we are here. We are all here for the same cause. That's why I came over on Monday last week on the same course to bring back the Cup. That's what we are trying to achieve.

Right now, we are doing a bloody good job.

Q. Would you have rather, with the benefit of hindsight, gone out first this morning? Was it difficult to bring up the rear once the momentum swung?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not really. We were actually quite tired yesterday and it was my partner's decision to say, why don't we go fourth. I said, "Fine, I'll ask the captain quietly." There was no wrong in that, it was just the timing of it wasn't wrong, it was my game that was wrong this morning.

I've never said sorry to a partner before in any of these matches and I did there. I didn't play particularly well this morning. But as I say, it's a team event and I'll get it right for this Sunday.

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