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Ryder Cup Desktop Images

Get in the spirit of The Ryder Cup by downloading our free desktop images in a variety of popular monitor resolutions. To download, select a desktop size, right-click (Mac users: control-click) the link, and save the image to your computer. Additional help.

Additional Help

How do I know what size to download?
If you aren't certain of the size of your monitor, and are running Windows, open the 'Displays' control panel. Mac OS X users, open 'Displays" in System Preferences. Mac OS 9 (and older) users, open the 'Appearance Control Panel' in Control Panels.

How do I make the image my desktop?
If you're running Windows, navigate to your desktop (or wherever you saved the image) and right-click on the jpg. Select 'Set as Wallpaper' from the contextual menu. Mac OS X users should open System Preferences, click on 'Desktop', and drag the downloaded jpg onto the 'Current Desktop' picture preview area. Mac OS 9 (and older) users should open the Appearance Control Panel, click the desktop preview button, then click 'Place Picture.' Navigate to where you saved the jpg and select it. Click 'Set Desktop' to apply.

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