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1931 Scioto Country Club, Columbus, Ohio

Captains: Walter Hagen (US), Charles Whitcombe (GB)
USA 9 - GB 3

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What amounted to an easy 9-3 U.S. victory over Great Britain at Scioto Country Club could be attributed more to the circumstances that preceded the Matches than to the stifling heat that the Americans used to their advantage in the second-day singles. The British were without three outstanding players for two reasons. The original Ryder Cup Deed of Trust declared that all members of both teams must be natives of, and resident in, the country they represented. Percy Alliss was attached to the Wansee Club in Berlin (though he moved back to England later that year with his wife and son, Peter) and Aubrey Boomer was a member at both St. Cloud in Paris and the Royal Golf Club in Belgium. Henry Cotton was sidelined because he preferred to remain in the U.S. after the Ryder Cup Matches and had arranged for his own transportation. The Professional Golfers' Association of Great Britain sought to have Cotton join the team for the duration of the Matches and failed to reach an accommodation when Cotton had already scheduled himself earlier into several American events. During the competition at Scioto Country Club, U.S. Captain Walter Hagen teamed with rookie Denny Shute for a 10 and 9 foursomes victory over George Duncan and A.G. Havers. Hagen added an impressive 4 and 3 singles victory over Charles Whitcombe.

Flag IconGreat Britain Flag IconUnited States
A Compston & W H Davies 0 G Sarazen & J Farrell (8 & 7) 1
G Duncan & A G Havers 0 W Hagen & D Shute (10 & 9) 1
A Mitchell & F Robson (3 & 1) 1 L Diegel & A Espinosa 0
S Easterbrook & E R Whitcombe 0 W Burke & W Cox (3 & 2) 1
A Compston 0 W Burke (7 & 6) 1
F Robson 0 G Sarazen (7 & 6) 1
W H Davies (4 & 3) 1 J Farrell 0
A Mitchell 0 W Cox (3 & 1) 1
C A Whitcombe 0 W Hagen (4 & 3) 1
B Hodson 0 D Shute (8 & 6) 1
E R Whitcombe 0 A Espinosa (2 & 1) 1
A G Havers (4 & 3) 1 C Wood 0