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23 September 2006

DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, it was a great day for us really. You know, we won both sessions again; we've won every session. Obviously our goal is to go and do that again tomorrow.

Q. What about you and Paul out there?

DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, it was a really nice feeling to win a match by a big margin, especially in the Ryder Cup, and to get done early before the pressure kicks in really is nice; it's such a pressurised week. To finish the way we did, Paul holed just the most beautiful hole in one you'll ever see, just a thing of beauty. He's playing great and he hit a another great shot. He deserves the glory there.

Q. Terrific shot. Did you have anything to do with the club selection or anything like that?

DAVID HOWELL: Well, we all discussed the shot in fairness, and we know the wind and we discuss most shots out there. It was an absolute flush of a 4 iron for him, and obviously he's really trying to hit it to the middle of the green, and would have been happy with that, put it that way. It was beautiful; it was never anywhere other than close. To drop in was very surreal.

Q. Terrific partnership with Paul, you played well, and it was your match at Oakland Hills that proved pivotal, as well, in the four balls?

DAVID HOWELL: We gel well. We're comfortable in each other's company really, on the course, and of course Paul has more power than I've got maybe. We gel well and we get on great, and that's what good partnership is all about. Fortunately today we managed to play some good golf as well.

Q. Pretty convincing.

DAVID HOWELL: Well, Zach and Stewart played well; they didn't do an awful lot wrong. Zach, he holed all his putts this morning, he obviously played some fantastic golf in the morning and couldn't find a putt in the afternoon. We didn't make any mistakes in the first and they also made a bogey there, as well. We were always in control, but it's never as easy as that when you turn to the back nine. Things went our way all day and it turned into an easy day in the end.

Q. Quite a margin going into tomorrow. What are your thoughts heading into the singles?

DAVID HOWELL: We're four points in front and we have lost in that situation before. Our goal is to go out and win the singles, and that's certainly going to be our goal. Hopefully we've got our players playing well to do that and they are going to come out all guns blazing and I'm sure it will be another classic Ryder Cup Sunday and it's our job to make that not happen.


Q. Your thoughts on the day in general.

LUKE DONALD: As David said, we haven't lost a session yet and that's really important. Even though we are four points ahead, we have to go into tomorrow to try not lose the singles either. Try and win the singles and get an emphatic victory.

Q. Quite a partnership you and Sergio have got, haven't you?

LUKE DONALD: Sergio is a nice partner to have. He's a great player, obviously hits a lot of great shots. We gelled well together today, very well. You know, he hit a lot of good iron shots, I made some good putts out there, and we're tough to beat.

But tomorrow I'll be on my own, so it will be a little bit more different.

Q. Tough to beat, you're impossible to beat.

LUKE DONALD: We've never lost; hopefully it will keep going. But it's great to help the team out.

Q. Like you say, tomorrow you've got a four point lead but there's still work to be done out there.

LUKE DONALD: Absolutely. U.S. are very dangerous in singles. We've seen this a few times. Brookline is a great example. They played phenomenally well to come back. Obviously we'll have home advantage this year, and if we can get the crowd on our side, get a few blue numbers up early, I think we'll be all right.

Q. Morale must be pretty high in the team room at the moment.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, we're excited. 10 6 is a great position to be coming to the singles.


Q. How do you feel how the day has progressed?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It's been a great day for the team. I'm happy to take the losses for the team if that's the way it goes. Everybody else is doing great and hopefully tomorrow we've got a lot of work. Four points as we saw in '99 is not enough. We worked very hard to get that four point lead, yet it really isn't that much. Big day ahead tomorrow.

Q. Playing against Tiger, a tough afternoon.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It's always going to be a tough game and, you know, at the end of the day, we're going to have to do something special as they seem to do. Such is life.

Q. Some great roars out there.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, we played well. You know, it was tough. Early on they holed a couple of putts to tie us and it looked like we had a great chance going down 16 and all of a sudden we're 3 down. Such is the game. But as I said, that's fine, I'm happy enough, we're four points ahead, the team is doing well.

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