Ryder Cup LogoRyder Cup: Team USASeptember 22-24 2006, The K Club, Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland
Saturday Four-Ball


P. Casey


R. Karlsson
VS. S. 


S. Cink


J. Henry
Last update: 13:09 GMT
P. Casey  34  42   3 3 444
R. Karlsson43  45  454 4 4   
S. Cink4 354  3 443 34   
J. Henry 4   44 4   4  335
Match Progress                  

Hole Yards Par Hole Highlights
1 418 4 Henry teed off for the Americans first using a fairway wood and found the short grass. Cink also elected to go with a fairway wood and went into the trees in the right rough. Karlsson hit first for the Europeans. With a fairway wood, the Swede was down the center of the fairway. Casey hit last and with a fairway wood he sent his tee shot into the left fairway bunker. Karlsson's approach shot stopped five feet from the hole. Casey had an awkward stance -- feet in the rough, ball in the bunker -- and was forced to punch out into the fairway. From the rough, Cink managed to advance the ball to the fairway in front of the green. After a booming drive, Henry had 136 yards left and hit his approach to within 15 feet. Casey's third shot with a wedge went long into the greenside bunker. Cink's chip shot stopped four feet short of the hole. With Casey away, the European's decided to have Karlsson stroke his birdie putt first. He missed, sliding it two feet past the hole. Henry missed his birdie putt. Both teams parred the hole and the match stayed all-square.
2 413 4 Casey's second shot from 155 yards spun back off the fringe to within eight feet of the hole. Cink's second shot also spun out of the fringe to within six feet. Karlsson third shot, a chip from five feet off the green and roughly 20 feet from the hole, was chipped in for birdie. Cink lipped out his birdie putt to halve and the Europeans went 1-up.
3 170 3 Cink and Karlsson both hit their tee shots close. Cink missed a short birdie putt for the second straight hole. Henry, whose tee shot was short of the green, chipped on and left it two feet short. Both teams made par and the match stayed 1-up in favor of the Europeans.
4 568 5 Casey's third shot from 152 yards stops five feet from the hole. Karlsson's third was inside 10 feet. Henry had a 12-footer for birdie and missed. Casey holed a four-footer to win the hole and put the Europeans 2-up.
5 440 4 Henry's third was a chip from the right side of the green and knocked it to within three feet. Karlsson's birdie try from 25 feet just missed on the left side. Both teams made par, halving the hole and keeping the match 2-up for the Europeans.
6 478 4 The U.S. won the hole with a par to cut their deficit to 1-down.
7 430 4 Casey's birdie attempt from 45 feet hit the back of the hole, but lipped out. Cink's birdie putt from 15 feet missed on the right side. With pars, the hole is halved and the European's stay 1-up.
8 173 3 Cink just missed a birdie putt from 18 feet. The Europeans won the hole with a birdie by Paul Casey and went 2-up.
9 461 4 Karlsson's second shot from 192 yards knocked to within 18 feet. Both sides made par and the Europeans stayed 2-up.
10 584 5 Karlsson's third shot from 82 yards out was wedged to two feet, which was about two feet inside of both Cink and Henry. Incredibly, Karlsson was first to play and missed his two-footer. Cink made his birdie and cut the deficit to 1-down for the Americans.
11 415 4 Henry's third was a chip to about three feet. Karlsson had a two-putt par. Casey had a two-putt par as well. Cink made a four-foot par putt to halve the hole. Europe maintained its 1-up lead.
12 182 3 Henry's tee shot found the back of the green. Cink's tee shot stopped 12 feet past the hole. Karlsson's tee shot flew back-left on to the fringe. Casey's tee shot was stuffed to about five feet. Henry's birdie try from 45 feet settled five feet from the hole. Karlsson nearly chipped in for the second time. Casey missed his short birdie try and the hole was halved with pars to keep Europe 1-up.
13 428 4 Henry just missed a 30-footer for birdie on the left edge. Both teams halved and Europe stayed 1-up.
14 213 3 Hole was halved with pars and the Europeans kept their 1-up advantage.
15 446 4 Karlsson's second shot was 18 feet left of the flag. Cink's second shot from the fairway ends up at the front of the green, about 25 feet short. Cink's birdie effort cozied up to two inches left of the hole. Karlsson's birdie chance to win the hole was a little short and with a halve the Europeans kept their 1-up advantage.
16 555 5 Karlsson's second shot with a fairway wood found the green. Cink's second shot with a rescue-club wound up in the left rough. Henry's second shot with a fairway wood was magnificant, finding the back of the green in two and left with a 20-footer for eagle. Karlsson's putt from about 70 feet came up 12 feet short. Casey's shot from the greenside bunker dropped to within a foot of the hole. Henry holed his eagle putt to square the match.
17 424 4 Henry's drive stayed in the left side of the fairway. Cink's drive was also in the fairway on the left side. Karlsson's drive was in line with Henry's, but a yard longer. Casey's drive went into the left rough. Casey's second shot sailed into the rough on the right. Cink's second shot landed at the flag, but spun back to the front of the green. Henry's second shot to within two feet of the hole. Karlsson's secon stopped 15 feet from the hole. Karlsson's birdie putt missed on the right. Henry is conceded the birdie and the hole. The American's went 1-up.
18 537 5 Karlsson's drive found the left rough. Casey's tee shot stopped on the left side of the fairway. Cink laid up with his second shot. Karlsson's second was also a lay up. Henry found the green in two, as did Casey. Henry's eagle bid went 10 feet past the hole. Casey's putt for eagle settled five feet past. Karlsson sent his chip past the hole by three feet. Cink's birdie putt from 12 feet misses. Henry's 10-foot birdie try to win the match lipped out on the left edge. Casey's putt to halve the match from five feet goes in.