Ryder Cup LogoRyder Cup: Team USASeptember 22-24 2006, The K Club, Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland
Saturday Foursomes


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Hole Yards Par Hole Highlights
1 418 4 The final match of the day is underway with Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk up against Padraig Harrington and Paul McGinley. Fury finds the middle of the fairway. McGinley steps up to the tee and the cheers ring out as he cracks a drive down the middle. Harrington plays a terrific shot to the back of the green, 15 feet past the pin. Woods also finds the back of the green but Furyk is unable to convert the birdie putt. McGinley’s birdie putt also misses and the first is halved.
2 413 4 Furyk finds the front of the green from the rough. Woods has 25 feet back up to the hole for birdie. He putts from just on the fringe but his putt pulls up a foot short. Harrington from a similar distance from the right of the hole has a chance to win the hole but rolls it past and the hole is halved.
3 170 3 Furyk hits 18 feet right of the pin and McGinley responds by hitting it 14 feet over the flag. Woods, looking for his first birdie of the day on his 19th hole trickles it down with a left to right break and in it goes. Birdie two. Harrington has a putt for a half and follows Woods in. Hole halved in birdies.
4 568 5 Woods plays the approach to the par five fourth hole. 152 yards from the pin, and the World Number One plays a great shot, a three quarter seven iron which finishes pin high, eight from the flag. Harrington executes a perfect pitch to a similar distance. Furyk finds the bottom of the cup for birdie. McGinley has a putt for a half but it slips past the left side and America are up for the first time. It is the first time in the afternoon that any red has appeared on the board.
5 440 4  Furyk drives into the second cut of rough on the right. McGinley’s drive hit the trees on the left and bounces back towards the fairway but stays in the rough. Woods ripped it out of the rough and flies through the back of the green. Harrington plays through the trees and the balls runs up just off the right side of the green. McGinley tries to putt from the hollow but the ball pulls up well short. Furyk floats his chip up towards the hole and the ball just runs by. Harrington can’t make the par and the Irish pair fall a further hole behind.
6 478 4 McGinley plays a fine tee shot and lands the ball in the right centre of the green. Furyk hits for America and sneaks a few inches inside the ball of McGinley's, which means that Woods will get an idea of the line from Harrington's putt. Harrington fails to hit his ball hard enough and Woods sends his effort on the right line but it pulls up fractionally too short. Hole halved
7 430 4 McGinley and Furyk both find the fairway off the tee. Woods comes in with a short iron but the ball spins back into the fringe. Harrington plays a clever chip and leaves McGinley an eight foot uphill putt. Furyk, facing a difficult breaking putt, never gets the ball high enough and settles for a par. McGinley, who appears to be struggling a little with the putter, never threatens the hole. Halved.
8 173 3 With the pin 180 yards from the tee, Woods goes in with a massive seven iron but his ball spins back down the green. Harrington cranks up the pressure by firing a six iron straight over the pin. This time McGinley drains the putt and the galleries go crazy. Europe cut the American lead to one hole.
9 461 4 Woods puts USA on the green in two, while Harrington badly misjudges his approach and sends the ball flying into the trees. The Irish players receive a free drop off an area of spectator damage and McGinley plays a little bump and run to within 12 foot of the pin. Furyk narrowly fails to convert his birdie putt but still wins the hole as Harrington also misses. USA move two-up
10 584 5 Woods in trouble off the tee for the umpteenth time today. The World Number One drives into the woods which, crucially for the Europeans, means the USA can not reach the green of this par five in two. Harrington applies the pressure by finding the fairway but Europe fail to capitalise and halve the hole with a five.
11 415 4 Tiger starting to show his true colours with a fine second shot into the 11th. The ball flies over the flag and spins back to present Furyk with a six-footer. But McGinley holes from 15 feet to claim a birdie and send the partisan crowd into raptures. Furyk drains his putt and the groups move to the 12th with the USA still two-up.  
12 182 3 The Irish now have the bit between their teeth. After Woods find the safe part of the green from the tee, Harrington arrows a majestic iron shot to two feet. McGinley rolls in the putt to huge roars. Europe win hole to cut the deficit to one.
13 428 4 The European momentum stalls. Harrington pulls his approach into the bunker left of the green, leaving McGinley short-sided. Woods has the perfect opportunity to apply the pressure but, inexplicably, he sends his shot from the middle of the fairway over the green and into a bunker. Furyk splashes out and Woods holes to save par, after the Irish had failed to get up and down. USA move back to two ahead.
14 213 3 Harrington and Woods both play good tee shots but their partners are unable to capitalise. Hole halved in pars. This is the only one of the par threes that the Irish duo have not birdied. 
15 446 4 Woods plays for the safe part of the green but Harrington, aware that holes are fast running out, produces a beautifully controlled mid-iron from 167 yards that finishes miles inside the Americans' ball. Furyk stuns the crowd by holing his monster putt and McGinley watches in anguish as his effort is a touch too firm and lips out. The top ranked US pairing are now three up with three to play.
16 555 5 It's now or never for Harrington and McGinley, who are being roared on by a passionate crowd. Woods nails his drive and Harrington pushes his into the right semi-rough. Fellow Dubliner McGinley pulls out a rescue club and attempts to carry the water, but he catches it a little heavy and the ball falls short. Furyk lays up and the match looks over. Tiger chips the third onto the green. Furyk rolls a majestic downhill putt to within six inches and the Irish pair concede. Woods and Furyk triumph 3 & 2 for only the third American victory in 16 matches.
17 424 4  
18 537 5