Ryder Cup LogoRyder Cup: Team USASeptember 22-24 2006, The K Club, Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland
Sunday Singles


S. Garcia
VS. S. 


S. Cink
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S. Garcia442545534533333   
S. Cink333434444542333   
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Hole Yards Par Hole Highlights
1 418 4 Cink was first to tee off in this match. He used a driver and found the thick, deep rough on the right. Garcia, also using a driver, hit his tee shot down the middle of the fairway. Garcia's second shot from 141 yards out stopped 12 feet below the hole. Cink's second from the heavy rough and a tree to deal with from 119 yards out was a brilliant shot that wound up 15 feet behind the hole. Cink's birdie attempt dropped in. Garcia missed his birdie putt to halve and Cink went 1-up.
2 413 4 Cink's second shot from the left rough was stuffed to witin three feet of the hole. Gacria's second shot from 129 yards out stopped on the front of the green, 25 feet below the hole. Garcia missed the lengthy birdie try. Cink drained his and quickly went 2-up.
3 170 3 Cink's tee shot went over the back edge of the green. Garcia hit his tee shot within six feet of the hole. After Cink chpped on, Garcia holed his birdie putt to win the hole and cut his deficit to 1-down.
4 568 5 Cink's third shot was stuck to within four feet. Garcia's third stopped 20 feet from the hole and he missed the putt. Cink made his birdie to go back to 2-up.
5 440 4 Cink hit his second shot from 141 yards to within four feet. Garcia's second from way in the left rough missed the green, resting in the left fringe near the green. Cink made his birdie putt and went 3-up.
6 478 4 Cink nearly holed a birdie chip, but was conceded par. Garcia missed a four-footer on the right edge to halve the hole and Cink went 4-up.
7 430 4 Garcia's second shot was short of the hole and in the water. With two putts to win the hole, that's what Cink did to go 5-up.
8 173 3 Cink found the water with his tee shot and nearly found it again with his third shot. Garcia won the hole with a two-putt. Cink dropped a hole, but was 4-up.
9 461 4 Cink hit his approach 20 feet below the hole. Garcia's second shot stopped on the green 40 feet left of the hole. Cink's long putt just missed. The two players halved with pars and Cink stayed 4-up.
10 584 5 The hole was halved with pars and Cink remained 4-up.
11 415 4 Garcia made a 10-foot birdie to win the hole and cut his deficit to 3-down.
12 182 3 Cink holed a 50-foot birdie putt. Garcia couldn't answer from 15 feet and Cink went 4-up.
13 428 4 Cink holed an incredible 30-footer for birdie from the left side of the green. Garcia made his 18-footer to halve the hole and Cink stayed 4-up.
14 213 3 Cink just missed a 25-footer to win the match. The hole was halved with pars after Garcia hit a five-footer and Cink stayed 4-up.
15 446 4 Cink's tee shot found the fairway. Garcia hit driver way down the fairway. Cink's approach from 183 yards out stopped 20 feet from the hole. Garcia chipped in from the fringe for birdie. Cink holed a 20-footer on top of Garcia to win the match 4 and 3.
16 555 5  
17 424 4  
18 537 5