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Let the Blogging Begin

Our adventurous columnist Grant Boone is ready to blog, blog and blog some more from the Ryder Cup, even if it means having to get up at the crack of noon.

September 15, 2006

By Grant Boone, Special to PGA.com

It'll take me six legs -- two of my own and four of American Airlines' -- and 18 hours to get to the Ryder Cup. Apparently, the little winged minivans that pass for aircraft in Abilene can't quite make it all the way to Dublin without a pit stop or three. But seeing as how the closest I've been to Ireland in my 37 years is the inside of a box of Lucky Charms, who's counting?

You're invited to join me on this magically delicious journey, which has me touching down in Dublin Monday morning, at which time I'll begin a full week of unmitigated blogging. Ironically, "blog" is a word of Gaelic origin which means "to incessantly blather on about the minutiae of your daily life as if the world genuinely cares whether or not your toddler made pee pee."

Nonetheless, you'll get a steady stream of my observations from County Kildare all week long. I'll be your eyes and ears, going anywhere necessary to get the story. If it means playing one of the legendary local links to grasp the true spirit of this golf-rich land, I'll be there. If I need to go undercover as a Guinness-guzzling tourist to explore Dublin's raucous pub scene, consider it done. Even if I have to get up at the crack of noon to bring you the latest sights and sounds, you'll get more than your fill of this year's Cup, PGA.com-style. No subject is off limits, including the tournament itself, which I hope to get around to covering at some point.

I've given up trying to predict the outcome of Ryder Cups, though I must say I like the Americans' chances going in. First, the U.S. likes to mix in a victory every couple of presidential administrations, and it's been seven years since we last won it. Second, we've finally adopted the Europeans' winning strategy of the last 20 years by stacking our lineup with spectacularly anonymous players. For example, the event begins Friday, and still no one's 100-percent sure whose side Vaughn Taylor's on. In a precautionary measure, he'll be issued a uniform from each team.

As much as any of the players, the host country will play a starring role. This is the first time the Ryder Cup has ever been played in Ireland, and by the looks of things the locals are ready to make up for lost time. My favorite characterization of the Irish people came from one of their own, David Feherty, the former Ryder Cup participant and current on-course reporter for CBS. When I asked him about the density of Irish skin, Feherty said, "Irish people don't get offended if you tell an Irish joke. They'll just tell you a funnier one. And you can call us whatever you want. Like Notre Dame calls its teams the Fighting Irish. We don't care. You could call us the Drinking Irish or the Falling Down Drunk Irish. Doesn't matter. We'll laugh with you."

The fun begins Monday. I hope you'll Blog Me This ...

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