Ryder Cup Logo Ryder Cup: Team USASeptember 22-24 2006, The K Club, Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland
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Post Foursome Quotes From: PHIL MICKELSON and CHAD CAMPBELL

September 22, 2006


PHIL MICKELSON: It was a very fun day but a very difficult day. This afternoon we had a match we could have very well won and had to birdie the last hole to do that, but we ended up even. The U.S. Team is excited about the way we're fighting hard and bringing it to the 18th hole. If we can get a putt or two here or there, we can hopefully get up the board.

Q. People are really excited about it, you're definitely in it and it's a great team you've got.

PHIL MICKELSON: It's early on obviously in the matches and the whole team is playing hard and fighting hard and bringing the matches to the 18th and doing well on the 18th hole. Zach Johnson birdied the last three today in the afternoon to get even after being 2 down, so guys are fighting hard. And it's a whole different attitude on this U.S. Team.

Q. How do you think the atmosphere was out there with the crowd? Did it help your game or not hurt your game but

PHIL MICKELSON: We certainly can tell the difference in the applause. We can tell what happened basically in the applause.

Q. But it doesn't affect your game at all?

PHIL MICKELSON: No, no, no, the people have been great.


Q. You guys battled really hard, no question about it, you were facing good opponents but you didn't let it get away from you.

CHAD CAMPBELL: We let a couple holes go there in the middle part of the back nine, but Zach came through pretty huge, hit great shots on the last few holes and made a great putt on 17.

Q. Take us through your thoughts on that eagle putt there.

CHAD CAMPBELL: On the last, it was probably 35 feet or so, so just wanted to get it up there. I knew what it was going to do up until the end. Left him a little more than I wanted to, but I thought he could handle it.

Q. And the green on 18?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Zach hit 3 wood.

Q. How far was that eagle putt?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Probably 35, 40 feet.

Q. Roughly three or four feet?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, maybe a little less, three ish, but he can handle it.

Q. Do you know what to expect tomorrow? The butterflies are up for everybody.

CHAD CAMPBELL: It felt good. Obviously Zach played great, being his first time. I know last time, the first day, the first day is tough. So, you know, he played awesome, and definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

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