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Post Four-Ball Quotes From: DAVID TOMS and STEWART CINK

September 22, 2006


Q. What are some thoughts on your first match there and how you played together?

DAVID TOMS: We played well together. We just ran into a tough team today. Sergio played extremely well and Olazábal put in a couple birdies here and there. It would be difficult for any team to beat. We played pretty good together, we played pretty decent, we just got beat.

Q. What about the next match? You have a new partner; do you think he's going to complement your game more so?

DAVID TOMS: Alternate shot is a different format so it's a different deal. Stewart and I are good friends so I'm hoping we can go out and get something going this afternoon and get us a point.


Q. Some thoughts on your first match.

STEWART CINK: Both of our styles, even though no one won, no one lost, and it had the ingredients of a great match all the way.

Q. How does it feel playing out there with all that excitement?

STEWART CINK: It's exciting. They are definitely supporting their team, and should be. And I think probably the best sound for our team is going to be no sound at all. I noticed when we do something good, there's not a whole lot of noise going on out there, and it's nice to see a lot of people quiet.

Q. Can you see any American supporters out there for you?

STEWART CINK: Yeah, there's plenty of support for us, but they are way outnumbered by the Europeans for geographic reasons.

We'll fight hard and it's still really early in these things. A one point difference after the first session, it's almost minuscule.

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