Friday's Foursome
P. Mickelson                  
A. Kim
P. Harrington                  
R. Karlsson
Friday Foursomes
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A. Kim
P. Harrington 3 4 4 3 4 4 5 4 4 4 3 3 5 4 4 4 4 5
R. Karlsson
Match Progress
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HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Three-time major champion -- and winner of the last two -- Padraig Harrington struck the first tee shot of the 37th Ryder Cup at Valhalla at 8:05 a.m. ET on Friday. The Irishman unleashed his driver and found the middle of the fairway. Phil Mickelson led things off for the Americans and, with a driver, Lefty blew his tee shot 25 yards past Harrington to the roaring chants of, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Sweden's Robert Karlsson, playing in his second Ryder Cup, used an 8-iron from 164 yards out and his approach shot nestled to within six feet left of the hole, setting up a short birdie putt for Harrington. Rookie Anthony Kim, playing alongside Mickelson, had 134 yards left for his approach and left it 20 feet short and right of the hole. Mickelson's birdie attempt slid just past the right side of the cup and par was conceded. Harrington's short birdie-putt to win the hole knocked it in to give the Europeans a 1-up lead.
25054Karlsson, who is one of the longer hitters on the European side, sent his drive into the first cut of rough on the right side at the long, dogleg-left par 4. Kim, also armed with a driver, blasted it into the right side of the fairway. Mickelson's approach shot sailed over the bunker that guards the front of the green and spun just off the green and onto the fringe, leaving about a 15-foot birdie putt for Kim. Harrington's approach from the right rough was left about 20 feet below the hole. Karlsson's birdie try just missed on the right side of the hole for a par concession. Kim's putt from the fringe wasn't very good. It dove off to the left about three feet away from the hole, leaving a two-foot knee-knocker for Mickelson to halve the hole.
32063With a 6-iron off the tee, Harrington found the bank of Floyds Fork -- a lateral hazard near the river on the right of the hole. Mickelson, meanwhile, hit a beautiful tee shot just 15 feet under the hole. Karlsson attempted to play a second shot from brush and trees, chipping the ball forward, but it rolled back behind his feet. Harrington, playing the third shot from the hazard for the Europeans, popped the ball up and advanced it about eight yards. After the shot, the Europeans conceded the hole to the Americans, squaring the match.
43754With driver in hand, Kim drove the ball straight through the fairway at the short par 4, leaving an extremely short second shot for Mickelson. Karlsson opted to use a fairway wood off the tee to give Harrington a little more room and it worked to perfection as Karlsson placed the ball in the middle of the fairway. Harrington's approach with a sand wedge went just past the hole and spun back to three feet for birdie. Mickelson matched Harrington with a terrific approach of his own and both teams walked away with birdie to keep the match square.
54634Harrington's drive found the left fairway bunker. Mickelson's drive went down the middle. From 185 yards in the bunker, Karlsson hit a 6-iron and put it into the right greenside bunker. Kim's approach from the fairway and 133 yards out came to rest 12 feet from the hole. Harrington's bunker shot stopped within a foot of the hole and par was conceded. Mickelson didn't hit his birdie putt hard enough and had to settle for a par, keeping the match square.
65004After Kim found the fairway, Mickelson left his approach well out to the left at the short par 4 and in the rough. Karlsson's tee shot was errant, forcing Harrington to chip out. Karlsson's third shot settled 10 feet from the hole. Kim's third shot from the rough was a flop shot that ran eight feet past the hole. Harrington holed his putt for the unlikely par, shifting the pressure back to the Americans. Mickelson's par putt lipped out on the left side and the Europeans won the hole to go 1 up in the match.
76015Harrington's drive flew into the spectators on the left side of the hole and settled into a hazard. Kim's drive went down the middle of the fairway. While the Europeans were away, Kim hit first while Karlsson mulled his options. From 254 yards with his hybrid, Kim bailed out to the right and found the rough. Karlsson's second shot from a relatively buried lie in the rough was pitched safely back into the fairway. Harrington's third shot over the water at the par 5 with a long iron from 216 yards ran through the green to the right and into the rough. Mickelson's third shot from a knoll on the right side in the rough from 66 yards stopped about 12 feet left of the hole, giving Kim a good look at birdie. Karlsson's chip shot from the rough -- it was against the collar -- came up seven feet short of the hole. Kim's birdie effort trickled to the right of the hole and par was conceded. Harrington was left to clean up a par for the Europeans, which he did to stay 1-up.
81804Karlsson's tee shot on the short par 3 came up short and into the bunker with an 8-iron. After a discussion with Mickelson, Kim's tee shot with a 7-iron came up 15 yards short of the green. Mickelson chose to putt the ball from 35 feet off the front of the green and lagged it up to within inches of the cup for a par concession. Harrington's shot from the front bunker came out hot, but hit the flag stick and stopped within three feet of the hole. Karlsson lipped out on the right side, though, and the Americans squared the match. While Karlsson was finishing out, Harrington was off to the side of the green receiving treatment for a neck injury.
94164Mickelson's drive went into the left fairway bunker. Harrington's tee shot was straight down the middle of the fairway. Karlsson's approach from about 150 yards with an 8-iron stopped six feet from the hole. Kim's approach found the right greenside bunker. Mickelson's third from the bunker rolled out to within one foot of the hole. Harrington's birdie putt lipped out on the right side. Both sides conceded par and the match remained all square.
105945Mickelson's second shot from the rough, with his feet in a bunker, went into the left rough. Kim's third shot from 66 yards in the left rough ran through the left part of the green into the rough. Karlsson's third shot, after a lay-up from Harrington, settled to four feet from the hole. Mickelson's chip zipped past the hole as he was bothered upon impact by the click of a camera. Kim was left with an 8-footer for par, which he managed to make. Harrington made the birdie putt from three feet to put the Europeans 1-up.
112083Harrington's 6-iron tee shot came up short of the green. Mickelson's tee shot, also with a 6-iron, found the left greenside bunker. Kim's shot from the bunker rolled through the green and onto the fringe. Karlsson elected to putt the ball from the fairway and lagged it to within two feet of the hole for a par concession. Mickelson's par effort to halve the hole missed and Europe won its second hole in a row to go 2-up.
124644Hole No. 12: Karlsson's tee shot settled safely in the fairway. Using a fairway wood off the tee, Kim found the trees right of the fairway. Mickelson was forced to pitch back into the fairway after Kim's drive to put the Americans back in play. Kim's third shot with a 7-iron flared out to the right, leaving a long par putt for Mickelson. Harrington's approach shot from 170 yards stopped two feet from the cup, setting up a kick-in birdie for Karlsson. Mickelson's lengthy par putt amazingly found the bottom of the hole. As good as the putt was, though, it was for naught as Karlsson made the short birdie to put Europe ahead 3-up.
133524Harrington's drive was placed perfectly in the fairway. Mickelson's tee shot found the fairway and, with his approach, Kim knocked it to about 15 feet. Karlsson's approach wasn't great, as he flew the ball to the back left of the green and it rolled off into the fringe, leaving Harrington with a lengthy putt. Harrington's putt went four feet past the hole. Mickelson's birdie try to win the hole rolled well past the hole, leaving a testy three-footer for Kim. Karlsson's putt missed on the right edge. Kim's putt for par to win the hole went in and Europe was 2-up after 13 holes.
142153Kim's tee shot came to rest near a TV tower. Karlsson's tee shot was short and left into the rough. Harrington pitched it long onto the green, leaving Karlsson with about a 40-footer for par. Mickelson bailed Kim out with an incredible flop shot that settled within three feet of the hole. After Karlsson missed the lengthy par putt to halve the hole, Harrington's bogey putt dropped and Kim cleaned up the par to win the hole for the Americans. The Europeans dropped their second hole in a row and their advantage slipped to 1-up.
154344Mickelson's drive safely found the fairway. Harrington's drive started left and stayed in the left rough. Karlsson's approach from the rough with a pitching wedge from 136 yards flew over the flag and rolled out 35 feet past the cup. Kim, also from 136 yards but from the middle of the fairway, stuck his wedge shot to 12 feet. Harrington's putt for birdie was rolled at a perfect speed, but just left of the hole for a par concession. Mickelson's birdie putt dropped and sent the crowd roaring, as Lefty squared the match with three holes to play.
165114Kim's tee shot settled in the first cut of rough on the left side of the fairway. Karlsson had no problem finding the middle of the fairway. Mickelson's approach with a 4-iron hung out to the left and stayed short of the green. Harrington's approach well right of the green, down a hill and into a collection area. Karlsson's third shot, chipping back up the hill, put it to within 12 feet of the hole. Kim's pitch from the rough, with a decent lie, was nearly holed for birdie, setting up par concession. Harrington made his putt to match the par by the Americans and keep the match square.
174774Mickelson's tee shot was striped down the middle of the fairway. Harrington's tee shot went left of a fairway bunker and into the left rough. Karlsson's approach from the heavy rough found the greenside bunker. Kim's approach left it 18 feet short of the hole, leaving Mickelson a reasonable birdie putt. Harrington's shot out of the bunker settled to within three feet of the hole. Mickelson's birdie putt to win the hole just missed, but par was conceded. Karlsson was left to clean up Harrington's bunker shot and made the three-footer, which rattled around the cup before dropping to keep the match square.
185475Kim's tee shot found the left fairway bunker. Karlsson's drive also found the bunker off the tee, but was well behind the Americans. Harrington's second shot was topped, but turned out OK as it advanced up the fairway and in good position for a lay up. Mickelson, with a 4-iron, elected to go for the green but came up short, sending it into the front bunker that guards the green. Karlsson's third shot from 83 yards wound up about 12 feet from the hole. Kim's bunker shot hit the top of the knoll and rolled back down, stopping in the rough just outside the bunker. Mickelson's shot settled to within five feet of the hole. Harrington's putt for birdie to win the hole and the match went just left of the cup. Kim's putt from five feet for par was holed and after a concession to the Europeans, both the hole and the match were halved.