Friday's Four-ball
P. Mickelson                  
P. Harrington                  
Friday Four-Ball
Last update: 6:11 PM ET
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
P. Mickelson 3 5 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 3 4
A. Kim 5 3 4 3 4 3 4 2 4
P. Harrington 3 2 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 5
G. McDowell 4 3 4 4 2 4 4 3 3 4
Match Progress
AS 1Up 2Up 3Up 2Up 1Up 1Up 2Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up AS 1Up AS AS 1Up 2Up
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Mickelson holed a 25-footer for birdie, followed by a 12-footer for birdie from Harrington to halve the opening hole of the afternoon matches.
25054The hole was won by the Europeans after a par by McDowell to go 1-up.
32063With a birdie after an outstanding approach at the short third, Harrington set up a short birdie to put the Europeans 2-up.
43754After a spectacular wedge shot approach, McDowell had just five feet left for a birdie. Mickelson and Kim were unable to capitalize on birdie putts of their own, setting the stage for McDowell, who holed the putt and put the Europeans 3-up.
54634Mickelson hit his drive at No. 5 more than 370 yards and delivered a beautiful approach that stopped five feet from the hole. Lefty made the birdie to win the hole for the Americans, and Europe's lead was reduced to 2-up.
65004A fantastic approach shot by Kim set up a tap-in for birdie and a second straight hole won for the Americans. Kim's iron approach rolled theough the green, but caught a backstop and rolled 25 feet back to the hole, nearly dropping for an eagle. The Europeans conceded Kim's birdie from just inches away. McDowell followed with a similar approach, but failed to convert his birdie putt from six feet as it lipped around the hole. In two holes, the Europeans have seen their 3-up lead cut down to 1-up.
76015McDowell hit a 3-wood from 278 yards to within 18 feet to set up an eagle opportunity. While he missed the eagle putt, McDowell's birdie was conceded. Kim, with a 4-footer for birdie after getting to the green in three, managed to make the putt to halve the hole. Europe remains 1-up through seven holes.
81804All four players had the hole surrounded at the par 3 after stellar tee shots all inside of 25 feet. McDowell made a 20-footer for birdie to put the pressure squarely on the Americans. Kim and Mickelson each came close, but missed. With McDowell's birdie, the Europeans went 2 up.
94164After blasting a long drive, Mickelson flipped a short wedge approach to within a couple feet of the hole. He then made the short putt for birdie to win the hole for the Americans, cutting into the lead of the Europeans, who dropped to 1-up.
105945Kim holed a 4-foot birdie putt on top of the one Harrington made from 10 feet to halve the hole. Europe maintained its 1-up lead.
112083Mickelson and McDowell hit the green, Kim missed the green long and to the left, Harrington missed right into the greenside bunker. Kim and Harrington each hit to within a few feet and converted for pars. Mickelson and McDowell each barely missed long birdie putts, so the hole was halved. Harrington and McDowell remain 1-up.
124644Kim needed relief from a camera tower after his tee shot. Mickelson needed no such help on his approach, as he hit it to within a couple of feet. His birdie putt was conceded. Harrington needed to drop a birdie putt of about 10 feet to halve the hole and keep the Europeans ahead in the match. After taking plenty of time, he drained it.
133524Mickelson's inspired day continued as he hit a masterful shot from the fairway pot bunker to within a couple of feet. Kim just missed a birdie chance after a solid approach from about 80 yards, but Mickelson drained his birdie putt. The match is now all-square.
142153Kim hit his tee shot to about eight feet. Mickelson misfired on his tee shot, missing the green to the left. Harrington missed the green short, but putted up and missed on a birdie attempt. Mickelson went past the hole on his second shot, leaving Kim the chance to put the Americans ahead in the match with a birdie putt, which he did. The U.S. is now 1-up.
154344Kim hit his second shot short into a creek to the right of the green. Mickelson hit his approach to within about 8 feet. McDowell hit his approach to about 12 feet. Harrington was even closer. McDowell drained his birdie putt, meaning Mickelson would have to make his to halve the hole and keep the U.S. in the lead. He did not. The match is all-square with three to play.
165114Mickelson put his tee shot near the trees well left of the fairway. McDowell joined him. Meanwhile, Kim and Harrington found the right side of the fairway. Mickelson hit into the bunker with his second shot, as did McDowell. Harrington, meanwhile, hit the back-right fringe with his second shot. Kim, the longest drive of the four, hit an arrow-straight second shot to the back-left fringe that circled back toward the hole. Mickelson and McDowell both punched out of the bunker to the green with their third shots. Mickelson missed his par putt and was conceded a bogey, as was McDowell. Kim just missed a long birdie putt, leaving Harrington a long birdie putt to win the hole and put the Europeans ahead. He just missed, leaving a pair of par putts. Harrington went first and converted, as did Kim. The match is all-square with two to play.
174774Mickelson hit his tee shot into the gallery. Harrington found the first cut of rough, and then the back-left of the green with his approach. Mickelson spun his second shot from the deep rough to the front of the green, leaving a long birdie putt. McDowell's second shot from the middle of the fairway landed behind his partner's ball on the green. Kim, again the longest driver, hit a pitching wedge from 121 feet to about 6 feet. Mickelson made his birdie putt from 30 feet to put the heat on the Europeans. McDowell just missed the squaring putt by a fraction, leaving it up to Harrington to send the match to No. 18 all-square. Harrington missed, making the Americans 1-up with one to play.
185475Kim missed the fairway with his tee shot. Mickelson, opting not to use a driver on his tee shot, hit the fairway. Harrington hit the bunker with his tee shot. McDowell hit the fairway with his driver. Kim played safe with his second shot, hitting the fairway. Harrington also played it safe out of the bunker. McDowell hit into the bunker with his second shot. Harrington's third shot flew past the hole. Kim looked to have played a great shot into the green with his fourth shot, but saw the ball spin all the way back to the front fringe. Mickelson's third shot found the green. Kim's fourth shot, a chip, went to within a few feet. Harrington's birdie try fell short, missing just to the right. McDowell misses his birdie try, giving the win to the Americans, 2-up.