Friday's Four-ball
J. Leonard                  
S. Garcia                  
Friday Four-Ball
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Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
J. Leonard 2 3 4 4 5 4 3 3 3 3
H. Mahan 3 3 3 3 3
S. Garcia 3 3 4 4 3 4 4
M. Jim�nez 4 3 3 4 2 4 3 4
Match Progress
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HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484The afternoon's third match started with Mahan hitting a perfect drive and an approach to 25 feet right of the pin. After a Garcia chip that nearly went in and was conceded for par, Mahan drained his long birdie putt. Team USA wins the first hole.
25054Leonard hit a great drive and approach to 10 feet. Jimenez followed that with an approach to six feet. Mahan's approach leaves him 20 feet away, but he stepped up and made his second long birdie putt in two holes. Jimenez curled in his birdie putt to halve the hole.
32063Justin Leonard hit a great shot on this hole earlier in the day, but this afternoon he did even better. His tee shot stayed right on line to the cup and ended up on the edge of the cup! Garcia hit a good shot on, and Jimenez's chip almost went in. Garcia hit a great putt as well, but it hung on the edge. Leonard's tap-in was conceded. Team USA wins the hole.
43754Jimenez bombed a drive and had a mere 65 yards in. His approach stopped 15 feet behind the pin. Leonard had a 25-foot putt for birdie, and holed it. That was the fourth birdie in a row for the U.S. squad. But Jimenez made his putt to halve the hole.
54634Out of the fairway bunker, Leonard hit an excellent shot that ran up onto the green to about 30 feet away. Mahan and Jimenez missed the green with their approaches. Garcia found the green but was 40 feet away from the hole. Garcia's putt came up just short and he picked up his par. Leonard's attempt to make his team's fifth straight long birdie putt slid by, but he made the short comebacker to halve the hole.
65004Leonard hit a good drive but pushed his approach to the right. Garcia hit a perfect drive and then knocked a long iron to the green, about 40 feet left of the flag. Jimenez pulled his approach into the bunker on the left. Mahan also went into the bunker and then blasted out to five feet. Leonard nearly chipped in and saved the par. Jimenez blasted out to 15 feet. Garcia two-putted to halve the hole.
76015Mahan hit a nice drive, but knocked his approach into the water. Leonard then had to play safe and laid up on the right side. Garcia and Jimenez followed perfect drives with nice second shots. Garcia left himself a 30-foot putt for eagle, while Jimenez had just 15 feet for eagle. Leonard hit on and his birdie putt drifted right, and Team USA conceded the hole.
81804Jimenez hit a nice shot off the tee to 15 feet left of the pin on this par 3. Mahan hit a good shot that stopped about 15 feet past the pin. Mahan's birdie putt slid by on the right. Leonard's putt hit the hole but stayed out. Jimenez just missed his putt, so good shots all around mean the hole was halved with pars.
94164All four players hit good drives that found the fairway. Leonard hit the shortest, but his drive was straight and then hit his approach to 15 feet right of the pin. Jimenez hit to 20 feet. Garcia hit short of the green and was fortunate his ball didn't roll all the way back down; instead, it hung in fringe. Mahan hit a good shot 12 feet left of the pin. Mahan hit a delicate putt that dropped into the cup, and an excited fist pump celebrated the birdie as Team USA wins the hole.
105945Leonard played the hole as a three-shot hole but stuck his approach to five feet from 100 yards out. Garcia just missed the green left in two shots, and his eagle chip slid down the slope and up against the pin, trickling to 2 feet away. Leonard's birdie putt hit the side of the hole, spun around and dropped. The hole was halved with birdies.
112083Leonard and Mahan hit good tee shots on this par 3, Mahan going past the pin but staying on the green, Leonard staying short of the pin. Jimenez also came up short of the pin, but had a shorter putt than Leonard. Mahan sent his putt 4 feet by, but his par putt is conceded. Jimenez stepped up and drained his 25-footer for birdie, giving Team Europe the win on this hole.
124644Leonard hit perfect drive and then hit his long approach shot right on target. It landed in the rough in front of the green but trickled on and rolled up to 15 feet of the pin. Garcia scrambled on and then made a 20-foot putt for par. Leonard then drained his birdie putt, giving Team USA the win.
133524Jimenez hit first onto the island green and put it about 20 feet behind the hole. Mahan stuck his shot to eight feet of the pin. Leonard then put his ball 10 feet from the hole on the same line as Mahan. Garcia was in a fairway bunker off the tee and his approach clanked off the rock wall and into the water. Jimenez made a good birdie run, but the ball slid six feet past. Leonard's putt slipped by on the right. Mahan stepped up and drilled the birdie putt, though, to win the hole and give the U.S. team a commanding 3-up lead.
142153Leonard and Mahan both missed the green, though Leonard was on the fringe just above the hole. Leonard's chip ended up a foot from the hole. Jimenez made an easy par and the hole was halved.
154344Justin Leonard hit an approach that almost went into the water on the right. The ball sat in the rough, but it didn't bother him as he chipped it perfectly and into the cup for an incredible birdie. Garcia's 20-foot birdie putt hung right and Jimenez just missed his birdie attempt. Team USA wins the hole and the match.