Saturday's Foursome
J. Furyk                  
P. Harrington                  
Saturday Foursomes
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J. Furyk 4 3 3 3 3 5 5 3 4 5 3 5 3 2 4 4 3
K. Perry
P. Harrington 5 4 3 4 5 4 4 3 4 5 3 5 3 3 3 4 4
R. Karlsson
Match Progress
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HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Three-time major winner Harrington hit the trees on the left of the fairway with his opening drive while Furyk found the middle of the fairway. Karlsson had to play out and finished in the crowd on the right side. Furyk putted close from 25 feet and had it conceded. Harrington chipped onto the green, leaving Karlsson a tricky 10-foot putt for a halve, and the Swede missed the right edge of the hole. The U.S. goes 1-up.
25054Furyk's second shot landed 5 feet short of the hole and spun back a yard. Harrington had 112 yards to the hole and found the green but was 14 feet back. Karlsson slid his putt by the right edge of the hole and had his par conceded. Perry's birdie putt ran round the cup but dropped to put the U.S. 2-up.
32063Furyk's tee shot ran round the right side of the green to leave Perry a 10-foot birdie opportunity. Karlsson misread a right-to-left putt from the edge of the green and Perry's putt snuck past the edge of the cup. The hole was halved in 3. The U.S. is still 2-up.
43754After Karlsson's wayward tee shot, Harrington chipped out of the bunker to the edge of the green, landing just ahead of Perry's tee shot. Furyk's chip was poor, running some 15 feet past the pin. Karlsson pulled his putt right and Perry sank a 12-footer for birdie to win the hole and put the U.S. 3-up.
54634Karlsson chipped out of another bunker just short of the green. Perry fired a superb approach shot from 180 yards to within 4 feet. Karlsson missed a 15-foot par putt and conceded the hole, meaning the U.S. goes 4-up.
65004Harrington sent his approach shot pin-high but 20 feet wide right of the hole. Furyk's second shot pulled up short of the green. Karlsson's chip ran 5 feet past the flag. Harrington holed for a par 4 and Furyk missed his par putt for Europe to win the hole. U.S. is now 3-up.
76015Harrington's drive narrowly avoided going into the water. Perry, however, did find the water with the U.S. 's second shot. Karlsson aimed right of the green to play it safe and left Harrington with an 80-yard pitch. Furyk landed it 10 feet from the pin after a drop. Harrington pitched it stone dead 3 feet from the hole. Perry holed a superb putt to heap the pressure on Europe, but Karlsson remained ice cool and sank the birdie putt to win the hole in 4 and reduce to deficit to 2-down.
81804Karlsson found the left edge of the green with his tee shot and the ball spuns back to 15 feet. Perry's shot landed close but ran over the ridge, leaving Furyk with a tricky putt. Furyk left his putt 3 yards short. Karlsson's birdie chance tickled the hole and came to rest a few inches past it. Perry knocked in his par putt to halve the hole. U.S. is still 2-up.
94164Karlsson found the front edge of the green but was some 40 feet short of the pin. Perry's second shot spun back and finished 15 feet from the hole. Furyk missed his birdie putt and Harrington rolled his to within a foot. The hole was halved in par, leaving the U.S. still 2-up.
105945Harrington found the greenside bunker. Perry failed to pitch onto the green from the trees, leaving it some 30 yards short after a mishit. Furyk chipped on to 10 feet. Harrington missed a birdie opportunity, leaving it a foot short. Perry holed his putt to salvage a halve when the Americans looked defeated in the hole. The U.S. is still 2-up.
112083Harrington's tee shot was pin-high and 10 feet to the right. Perry's long putt uphill was 10 feet past the hole. Karlsson missed his birdie chance and Furyk holed to halve. The U.S. remains 2-up.
124644Harrington's approach shot found the bunker. Perry landed on the middle of the green but spun back. Karlsson fluffed his escape from the trap and, when Harrington chipped on, Karlsson sank a 15-foot putt to halve in bogey.
133524Karlsson chipped to 6 feet from the flag. Perry responded by chipping to within a foot and spinning back to 5 feet to set up two birdie chances. Furyk holed his putt to put the pressure on Harrington, but the Open Champion and PGA Champion showed nerves of steel to hole out and halve the hole. The U.S. remains 2-up.
142153Karlsson failed to find the green with his tee shot, landing in the bunker with his 6-iron. Perry also took a 6-iron, and a marvelous shot landed 6 feet from the pin. Furyk holed the putt to put the U.S. 3-up with just 4 holes to play.
154344Both drives were in the center of the fairway. Karlsson stopped his approach 6 feet from the flag and pin-high. Perry's approach traveled past and kicked on to about 12 feet. Furyk lipped his birdie putt. Harrington holed superbly to win the hole and bring it back to U.S. 2-up.
165114Furyk landed his approach short of the green as did Harrington. Karlsson's superb chip landed 3 feet from the flag. Mahan pitched to 4 feet and Furyk comfortably made the putt to ensure at least a halfve for the U.S. Harrington also drained his putt to halve the hole and take it to the 17th.
174774Harrington pushed his tee shot left into the rough and Furyk found the center of the fairway. Karlsson landed right of the green and Perry produced a magnificent approach to 12 feet from the flag. Harrington hit the cup with a superb chip but, with the Americans having two putts to win, Europe conceded the hole to hand the match to the U.S., 3 and 1.